Raven and the Oyster Shell
Credit: goldberg at http://flickr.com/photos/35034350906@N01/127148238

     There are those who believe that humanity has been visited in the past by what are commonly referred to as Ancient Aliens who; by their advanced technology and superior knowledge of the universe, not only created, but influences humanity till this very day. There are many cultures and civilizations who have origin myths including people who “came from the stars”; referred to by Zecharia Sitchin as Anunaki, or “those who from the heavens came”. Many of our ancient structures like the Pyramids(not only in Egypt but in places all around the world), Machu Picchu, the massive ancient underground city at Derinkuyu, and Pumapunku speak of spectacular workmanship and the manipulation of massive stones that we would have trouble dealing with today. Could the construction of these places indicate an influence beyond humanity?

     Many of our early cultures and civilizations speak of meeting people who came down from the sky in order to help the human race. They interpreted these people using the only symbolism they knew, and therefore described and carved images of them as they related to their culture. Quetzalcoatl, a serpent god that came down from the sky to guide and teach humanity about things beyond their understanding at the time was one such example.

    The First Nations People of the British Columbia coast have a similar mythology involving a god coming down from the sky to bring the first people to earth. In this instance the god is a Raven, who finds an oyster shell on the beach, opens it up and lets the first people out onto the land. There are many images of it, but the most famous (pictured above) is of the carving that was done by Bill Reid and resides in the University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology. A magnificent piece depicting the raven opening the oyster shell to let the first people out into the world!

     Ancient Alien theory would have a slightly different take on this particular myth; looking at the symbolism, another conclusion can be come to entirely. You can do this by asking what the raven symbolizes? Raven symbolizes great intelligence, cunning, knowledge, wisdom and flight. This can be interpreted as a description of an alien from another species who is the bringer of knowledge and wisdom, coming down by flying through the skies.

     What does the oyster shell represent? Well it’s circular in shape, domed on both sides and can sometimes have a metallic appearance. Remind you of anything? Surely this represents a saucer that can actually fly as symbolized by the raven on top of the shell. What comes out of this “flying shell” or “flying saucer” but the first people! Clearly indicating that when the shell, or saucer, was opened up the people came out from inside. Creation, the first people being brought to the world by a species of ancient aliens who genetically manipulated us to produce the humans you see on earth today. The flying saucer landed on the beach and opened up to let humans out to populate the world, after that raven taught the people how to survive and prosper on the rugged coasts of British Columbia.

     After being reinterpreted through the discipline of Ancient Alien theory one can easily see that this is clearly symbolism meant to represent a flying vehicle bringing to earth the first people that they created. The descendants of these First Nations people are still with us today and represent a genealogical line from ancient aliens to our modern times!