SilvaVsGriffinAnderson Silva is by far one of the most deadly strikers in MMA and after the Anderson Silva Vs Griffin fight, there is no doubting that. UFC 101 on August 8 was definitely a huge day for Anderson. It's definitely hard to say the same about Griffin. But after the fight, believe it or not, some still were skeptical about the talent of Anderson Silva.

The Fight Was Staged?

Now come one guys, let's be serious. Was the fight staged? Of course it wasn't! This isn't WWE, or TNA. The UFC is for fighters that have real fights, there's no staging here... Just reality. For those of you Forest Griffin fans out there, yeah, that was probably a tough fight to see. Anderson Silva is known for dancing around his opponents and having a cocky side to him, but not many expected that to happen in the Silva vs Griffin fight. Either way, Forest lost, fair and square.

But a Rematch?

I personally never lost respect for Forest Griffin as a person or a fighter after the Silva vs Griffin fight. Forest gave it all he had, and the only reason he got knocked out by Anderson Silva's two inch punch while Silva was moving backwards is because Forest was fighting even after he had nothing left. The one thing you can always count on with Forest Griffin is him giving everything he has and then some, and in the Silva vs Griffin fight, he most definitely proved that.

So the question is would Forest even want a rematch? Of course he would. He's Forest Griffin, probably the most fearless fighter out there. But just because he wants a rematch and would take a rematch, that doesn't mean he'd be ready for it. Forest Griffin didn't just lose the Anderson Silva vs Griffin fight, he got outclassed. On top of the fact that he got outclassed, he also has to wait in line.

Anderson Silva Might Be Unstoppable

He goes in to the ring with boxers, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialists and, Muay Thai experts and regardless, he clearly wins the fight. Anderson Silva has already broken the record for most consecutive wins in the UFC with 9, and most consecutive title defenses with 6.

Anderson Silva might very well be unstoppable and if you were watching UFC 112, you might not like the guy, but you definitely don't doubt his talent. Yes, he didn't finish the fight and disappointed the crowd. He had his own agenda and that was to embarrass Demian Maia, so that's exactly what he did.

So When Can You Expect a Rematch?

To be honest, before the Silva vs Griffin rematch, there will probably be many more challengers and many more that fall. That's not to say a rematch will never come. Griffin's win against Tito Ortiz definitely brings him closer to getting that rematch but who's to say they know what's on Dana White's mind. I guess all we can do is speculate and wait. If w'ere lucky, an Anderson Silva vs Griffin rematch could come sooner than we expect.