Andrea Bocelli CD review


This is a very Versatile CD, with a large variety of music types. It is tasteful and enjoyable for many types of audiences.


This is a Christmas CD, and not your traditional CD, so you may enjoy something out of the ordinary for the Christmas season.

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Andrea Bocelli CD review

If you haven't yet listened to a portion of or the entire new CD of Andrea Bocelli's Christmas CD "My Christmas", you may be very surprised. Being an opera fan myself, especially of Bocelli's, this doesn't quite matter if you aren't with this particular CD.



This CD seems to have a variety of taste and particular music types for everyone.



The CD starts out with a traditional song such as "White Christmas" and "Angels we have heard on high".



Of course, it would not be Andrea Bocelli without his wonderful Italian opera style in some songs. Before mid CD, he is singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, in "The Lord's Prayer" which is quite beautiful.



My very favorite fun and jolly song that you cannot miss is "Jingle Bells" with the Muppets. Yes, Andrea Bocelli sings with the Muppets. It is such a fun and happy song, it will make you laugh and sing along.



If that does not surprise you enough, a few songs later, he is singing with one of most beautiful country voices, Reba McEntire. Yes, there is such a mix of music in this CD that you would never be bored. From Traditional Christmas songs, some opera style, while some choir style, to fun with the muppets and country style with Reba, this is one CD you don't want to miss.



This CD would make a great gift even if you are not an opera fan. My thoughts after listening to this CD, were that those who don't particularly like Italian Opera, may not even attempt to listen to this CD. Andrea Bocelli, is awesome to many, but has proved to be very versatile and full of fun with this new CD. He has just outdone himself tremendously with this new CD.



In Closing

If you're looking for something a little different to add to your Christmas collection of CD's, this may be just what you're looking for!