The Much Anticipated Android 2.4

Android 2.4 or Android 4.0 is the latest offering from Google as an OS for cell phones. It is a version that most Android fans have been looking forward to and the reason for the anticipation is the features that this OS is expected to carry.

One of the biggest pluses is that this version will break all barriers of different version of the OS for different handsets. With Android 2.4 all handsets can be unified on the same OS, it will make all apps acceptable universally. Moreover it will also help to bring all users to the same level thus making future upgrades easier and possibly faster. It is possibly for the same reason that this version is known as the Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Age of Face Tracking

While it has always been a part of fiction stories, face recognition and tracking will now come to life with the Android 2.4. With face tracking available on the mobile platform, solutions like video conferencing are expected to turn out to be simpler and faster. Moreover there are better games that are expected to be developed once the face tracking is available with this latest version of OS from Google.

Better Interface for Users

There has been a lot of talk about how effective Android Honeycomb’s interface is with the tablets. Now with Android 2.4 Google is expected to bring the user friendly interface to cell phones as well.

You will now see the options of opening various tabs while browsing alongside the higher availability of widgets that can be very useful. It is expected that due to the limitations of the screen sizes, there would be certain changes required but most of them would be directed towards making the Honeycomb interface appear good on cell phones as well. The large part of the system is expected to be replicated from Google’s successful tablet OS to ensure an optimal user experience. 

Expect More Apps

Along with Android 2.4 which could be universally applicable on smart phones, Google also plans to get new API for developers so that more apps can be developed to be used by Android phone and tablet users. In this way there would be more uses of having an Android based device. It would possibly lead to a win-win situation for Google and the users. After all, every smart phone user loves more apps, right?

Finally, you can also expect your cell phones to be updated faster now on as Google has tied up with most of the major smart phones and tablet manufacturers through a Open handset Alliance. You can definitely look forward to nothing but the best apps and the best performance with your Android 2.4. With so much on offer, the high anticipation for this version of Android is definitely justified. You can be sure that it is one of the best OS that has come for some time and it will add a lot of value to your Android based phone.