Android honeycomb is the version of the popular operating system designed specifically for devices with larger screens, such as tablets or mobile PCs. Honeycomb 3.0 is a an exciting and rich new iteration of the wildly successful platform and offers users and developers a host of new features to play with and explore. 

The Main Perks of Android Honeycomb 3.0

Meet the "System Bar". This new element in honeycomb can be found at the bottom of your tablet's screen, and its purpose is to keep you apprised over your overall operating status even while you are busy using other apps and programs. You can find notifications, warnings, incoming message alerts and more on the system bar, but you can also dim it down when you want to do something in full-view mode such as play a game or watch a show. 

The purpose of Honeycomb's system bar is to make it easier to manage your overall tablet even as you switch between different apps and tasks. 

Improved Cut and Paste Functionality

This will be a big one for android honeycomb 3.0 users who need to work with text frequently, such as publishers, editors or habitual-definition-looker-uppers. A new text select tool makes it simpler and more accurate to quickly portion out even large sections of text on screen, allowing you to cut, copy or paste it at your leisure. This definitely adds to the overall ease of your android tablet experience. 

Additional Support for Bluetooth Based Connection Sharing

For those wi-fi ninjas that like to use their android tablets as mobile hotspots that they can connect their other devices to, android honeycomb 3.0 has expanded the breadth of support for bluetooth enabled devices, which means you'll be able to bring more of your gadgets online to share your android tablet PC's internet connection. Great for mobile web-addicts. 

Much Improved e-Mail App

Instead of straining piecemeally through your inbox you can now take full advantage of an expanded two-pane system for viewing your e-mail on your android honeycomb tablet PC. This allows you to browse and read in one pane while managing messages, deleting trash and sorting mail into appropriate folders on the opposite pane. This is much less stuffy and this upgrade will be well-received by android tablet users. 

Creature Comforts 

Minor and mostly cosmetic enhancements to this newest version of android tablet firmware include the ability to choose from a selection of pre-fab home screens, as well as to specify which apps will appear and load up when you boot your android tablet PC. This makes it much simpler to customize your home screen to your personal computing needs and to tailor your android tablet PC to specific uses. You can have maps, contacts, e-mail or web apps auto-load and be ready to go as soon as your honeycomb tablet wakes up, instead of having to drag everything into place each time you sit down to work on something. Overall, the honeycomb android upgrade for tablet PCs is a welcome basket of goodies and enhancements.