Android Antivirus for Better Usage of Your Phone

Are you an addicted Android phone user?

Do you love to download the best apps and use them for various purposes?

Does the thought of an antivirus corrupting your phone scare you?

If so, you’re welcomed to the group of a number of Android phone users who love their Android but are really worried about the phone being corrupted with a virus or Trojan that might come with your normal downloads. It's time you looked into using an Android antivirus for your phone. With an antivirus you can be relieved of the worries of losing important data due to the virus or Trojans crashing the applications on your phone and deleting stuff from your phone memory.

In case you are looking for good Android antivirus options, you can find quite a few available. Some of the best known Android antivirus options are mentioned below:

AVG Antivirus

Yes, its AVG again! While it is one of the most popular antivirus options for your PC, you can also get a version of AVG for your Android phone. Some of the important features of the AVG antivirus for android include a virus scanner, phone locator, data backup option and a lot more. It is also quite user friendly and is known to be one of the best real time antivirus options available.

ESET Mobile Security

Once again, another PC security provider, ESET has come up with its version of Android antivirus software. This particular option is  quite popular due to the fact that ESET is known to be a provider that excels in  security software development. The antivirus software also offers anti spam and anti theft features which can be very helpful for an Android phone user. Its real time security features helps you ensure that your Android phone is well defended, and this without the processing performance of the phone being affected. It is definitely the kind of antivirus that you would want to use on your Android phone if you're also concerned about performance.

NetQin Security & AntiVirus

Apart from the above mentioned two PC security giants, you can also find options from the comparatively unknown company NetQin. The software is quite comprehensive and its known to provide an all round solution for Android phone security and performance. This Android antivirus offers great security against virus, spyware, Trojans and malware. You can rely on it to give you the right kind of alerts and protect your Android phone against almost any kind of damage that viral threats can cause to your phone.

Your Android phone can be an asset that helps you complete a lot of complex tasks while you are on the move. If you fear your phone being attacked by virus while you download  various applications, a lot of your phone’s usability will be restricted. In order to maximize the usage of your Android phone, you have to ensure that you have the best Android antivirus installed. You can choose from the above give options or a lot of other antivirus software available.