Android Marketplace is now Google Play Store

Navigating the Google Play Store

It would be almost impossible to have an Android device without having apps.  Apps are one of the most sought after products at the Google Play store. 

Android users invest time and money in search of the perfect app for their device.

Now that the Google has rebranded the former Android Marketplace into its new name, Google Play store, Android users are provided with more choices for downloading and managing in a more user-friendly interface. 

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Google Play store has organized its apps into different categories to help the user easily find the one that suits his or her interest best.  This way, similar app types are grouped together so users can browse only within a specific category. 

Prior to downloading an app, users are presented with a variety of options within the Google Play store which further enhances the experience of choosing and shopping within the store to fun and exciting levels. 

Each dedicated app page features a detailed overview of the app including the description, device compatibility information, contact details of the developer, and user reviews.

For those who wish to buy apps, paying for apps and adding payment methods is easier now compared to the previous Android Marketplace. 

After the app installation, the user can manage its settings at the My Apps section.  If within 15 minutes you realize that you don't like the app, you can ask for a refund.

Navigating the Google Play Store


Listed and displayed on the Homepage are several of the more popular apps downloaded recently.  Users can gain quick access to these apps by simply pressing on the banner or icon.

Top Apps

The Top Apps category link can be seen along the top bar.  The user can search through different categories where current Top Paid and Top Free apps in the Store are also displayed.

Magnifying Glass

To search for specific apps or general app categories such as music apps, battery save apps, Bible apps, or dictionary apps, art apps, etc., the magnifying glass symbol, found on top of the app page can be used. 


The Categories is the first page scrolled when browsing through the Play store.  Everything is listed here, from games, to books, to entertainment, along with a host of other apps.


Find the most searched and most downloaded apps (both free and paid) by scrolling through the top bar on the screen.


Yes, Google Play store also offers apps on sale.  Below the featured apps show some of the recently downloaded ones.

Go ahead and explore the Google Play store. You may just be able to dig a treasure of highly useful and entertaining apps perfect for your Android device.

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