Sleek, portable and powerful, the android epad is designed to bridge the gap between android OS smartphones, which are intelligent but somewhat on the small side, and full desktop PCs, which are far too clunky to lug around with you. Epad Android tablets are small enough to fit in your pants pocket, yet also more powerful than your average smartphone, making it perfect for people that need to run business or media-rich applications on the go. It's the business presenter's best friend, because it has a 7" screen which makes it perfect for impressing clients that you meet in cafes, yet small enough that it won't weigh you down. Let's review some of the epad android tablet pc's best features and go over it's most important technical specifications. 

Epad Android Review

The epad tablet pc's 7" screen is more than ample when it comes to streaming your favorite TV shows or movies from services like Netflix or Hulu, and you'll find plenty of creature comforts on your new android epad if you're a heavy media user, such as a headphone jack, USB support that will accept special headphones or flash drives full of content, and even a direct ethernet port to allow you to take advantage of a speedy wired connection when you're in a hotel or visiting a friend's house. 

Of course, the android epad tablet pc is perfectly capable of hopping online via any available WiFi signal, making it an excellent choice for users that spend a lot of time in coffee shops, airports or other common hotspots. You can find your tablet pc epad android pre-loaded with useful apps like skype and google talk, which will help you to keep in touch with friends and family on the cheap. Best of all, this special android tablet only weighs 2 pounds, so it won't bog you down when you're traveling. 

If you are comfortable managing an iphone or android smart phone, you won't have much trouble navigating the android operating system of your epad tablet pc, and this minimal learning curve is a definite plus for users that don't want to waste valuable time getting to know a new layout. 

Important Technical Specifications for the Android ePad Tablet PC

This special tablet, powered by android, boasts a 450 mhz processor and can produce a touchscreen resolution of 800*480, which allows for clear and enjoyable viewing on the 7 inch viewscreen. The onboard hardrive can hold up to 2GB of data, although you can easily expand this by use of an SD card or by plugging in your own meaty USB flash drive for memory expansion. 

The android epad tablet pc is also capable of playing back MP3's and MP4's, making it a solid choice of android tablet for the user that has already built up a wide library of content that they want to watch while they are traveling. 

Naturally, a tablet PC is really only as good as its battery life, and the android epad clocks in at around 3 working hours of battery life up front, although some users have complained that the battery longevity steeply drops off as the battery ages. However, considering that the price for the entire tablet is around $94 or less, it's still a solid choice for anyone that wants a basic and reliable tablet pc running the android operating system. 

android epad tablet pc

You won't be blazing through your favorite games and blasting top of the line 3D graphics all day, but you can very happily watch Youtube, online news videos, read all of your e-reader titles and run android apps and basic games just fine. It's a solid entry for the economy class of android powered tablets.