The only reason I started to play Happy Farm Candy Day on my Android devices was because I was playing another game.  You know, one of those games that require tokens, crystals or some other kind of in-game currency.  There’s usually the option to get “free” amounts of this currency by downloading and running other apps as a promotional give away.  That’s the reason I’m playing Happy Farm Candy Day. I hate to admit it, but I’m so happy that I found it.

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Overview for Happy Farm Candy Day

There are a lot of farming game Android apps these days.  Spurred by the popularity of Farmville (which everyone was playing on Facebook “back in the day”), Android app developers have jumped in and given users what they want.  You have to imagine most farm games as Farmville on steroids though.

You basically grow crops, create food, send out orders, feed animals, mate animals, clear land, expand your farm and make it the super duperest farm of anyone on your friends list. 

You can sell the produce and food that you make it at a road side stand connected to your farm and even visit friend’s farms to buy their goods.  If you play this game, make sure that you stop by your friend’s farms often as you can find treasure that will help you out along the way.

Happy Farm has more than 5 million mobile players and over 200 million browser players on Facebook.  The community is growing and this is one of those apps that really sucks you in.

The graphics are great.  Cartoonish, cute and pretty well detailed for this type of game.  The user experience is great.  I haven’t had a problem with it yet.  The colors are vivid and the background music is “twangy”, giving the game that authentic farming feel.

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There are two main things that really appeal to me about Happy Farm:

  1. The in-game currency is crystals which really help speed everything along.  You can use them to finish create, building and even laying eggs immediately.  There is nothing new about in-game currency games for Android all other apps.  However, Happy Farm is different because the developers are really generous with the crystals.  You don’t have to buy crystals every 5 minutes as a way for the app to make money.
  2. The in-game gifting system amongst friends is a really good way to help players out and keep the entire Happy Farm experience as social as possible.  Again, think Farmville but on steroids.

Final Analysis:

So far, the best farm game that I’ve played on Android.  Good graphics, no glitches or game play delays, vivid colors and the social aspect all make Happy Farm Candy Day one really great app.  If I have to say anything about this app is that it may be a little bit sensitive for kids because you can mate your animals.  There’s nothing graphic about it, but if you don’t want to be answering, “Mommy, what does it mean when two cows mate?”, then you might want to keep this app of your kid’s tablet.

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