Android Gingerbread: A breakthrough of Sorts!

Android OS for cell phones has been nothing short of a revolution with the ever increasing functions and apps. While Android has been widely accepted and used, it is important to keep up with the software and provide timely upgrades in order to match the ever increasing expectations of the users. Android 2.3 of Android Gingerbread can said to be a breakthrough of sorts considering the finesse that it has added to the previous version.

Android Gingerbread version was launched in the last quarter of 2010 and Samsung Nexus S was the first phone that was shipped with this upgraded version. While the interface has definitely improved with the increased clarity and faster responses, the feature that makes this update very important is the inclusion of support for NFC or near field communication.

Loaded with Android Gingerbread, your cell phone can now turn into a credit card as well. Yes, you have read it right. With the invisible NFC chip, the Android OS 2.3 gives your cell phone the ability to make payments when the retailers’ sensor is placed within range. This feature is definitely destined to cause some vibes and possibly also increase the dominance of Android with cell phones as well. Moreover, it is also bound to have an impact on the way people spend. Cell phones will definitely be more than communication and multimedia, with Gingerbread, you will have your e-wallet in the true sense.

Other than the intriguing ability to support NFC, there are certain other updates with this version of Android OS as well. One of the major changes is with the touch screen keyboard which was quite stuffy and crampy even with Android 2.2. With Android Gingerbread, the design and spacing is better. It allows you to type faster and better. The voice to text conversion is also a great option for typing in messages faster. Finally, even the copy paste function gets a little easier. With these changes at least the texting with Android 2.3 is something that many mobile phones users will be eagerly looking  forward to getting their mitts on. 

The Android 2.3 is a mixture of fast performance and power saving OS. With Android Gingerbread you can expect your battery life to be longer as compared to Android 2.2. The OS is configured in a way that uses comparatively lesser power for optimized performance thus giving you a better experience for longer duration.

With easier access to the application and download management, there is definitely a lot of work that has gone behind creating this user friendly version of Android. While the upcoming of Android OS on cell phones was a revolution, the Gingerbread is definitely a breakthrough in its own rights. It will not only enhance the experience of using cell phones but also ensure that users can do a lot more with the mobile devices. You can look forward to using this deliciously prepared OS on your Android based cell phone, and start taking advantage of all the carefull designed tweaks and enhancements!