Determine the Android Keyboard that meets your needs

With most Android phones having a touch screen operational pattern, the typing can be quite a problem. As opposed to regular sized keyboard, the Android keyboard is definitely a lot smaller however you can get one that will meet your style of typing and as an effect fasten up your speed while typing on your Android keyboard.

There are multiple types of Android keyboards that you can get on your phone and as per your preferences you can have the right one implemented.

The typist Android keyboard – This is the usual option available to you with most phones and in case you are quite a speedy types with the regular qwerty phones, this Android keyboard will not be too difficult to handle. It can cause some inconvenience in case you have big fingers as the buttons seem to be quite crumbles in the vertical mode, however if you type by holding your Android phone horizontally and flipping the keyboard, it is reasonably easy.

In case you are ready to spend a small amount, you can get the Smart keyboard Pro that allows you to ensure that you can customize your keyboard screen and the spacing etc. You also get the option of increasing the size of specific buttons and thus ensuring max suitability.

Text Predictor Android keyboard – Most of the text that you type in your phone is about something similar or if you want to use words or content that you have already used once, the text predictor type of keyboard makes your job easier. Over a period of time, you will learn to use it in the most effective way thus being able to types messages faster and better. It is probably the best way to give out long addresses, type a particular statement etc. You just have to start off with a couple of words in the beginning and the text predictor keyboard will predict most of the following.

Swiping Android Keyboards – The latest addition to the list of various available Android keyboards, the swipe keyboards offer a great amount of speed once you learn to use them efficiently. Swiping is also a lot of fun but for people who have been hooked on to the tap style typing for years, this will definitely take some time.

android keyboard a full qwerty add on for android devices

The Wild Type Android Keyboards – Most of these keyboards are designed in order to cater to the ever increasing breed of adventurous typists. People who like to do things a little differently can be a part of this group where you can download certain keyboards that are not very traditional. Most of these Android keyboards are designed in order to experiment and understand the efficiency of typing in a particular way.

android keyboard designed with tablets in mind

While all the above types of keyboards are quite useful, different people would have different opinions, in case you want to ensure that you do not waste a lot of time typing, you can try the options and pick the one that suits your style the most.