The trends in the electronics and communications industry are shifting at an abrupt pace and everyday we learn of scores of new products being launched by the electronics giants of the world.

Smartphones are the latest trend in the industry and popularity of Android as the operating system of smartphones is constantly rising. Android phone deals cover a wide range of mobile devices with varying technical specifications and a wide range of prices.

These phones have almost dominated the market of smartphones in very little time and have become a serious threat for the monopoly of Apple's iPhone.

Google Android is getting more and more popular

Although iPhone still covers around sixty percent of the smartphones market, the number of users that prefers Android is increasing at an impressive rate. Highly attractive Android phone deals from the major manufacturers are playing a critical role in this entire scenario.

Android has provided the users with all the applications that they need at much less rate, so naturally many users prefer Android over iPhone. The rise of Android started with the collaboration of Google with Motorola and Samsung who started using Android OS in the mobile devices. Eventually, other manufactures like HTC, LG and Acer also followed.

The price deals are in the contract

Although the prices vary with the technical specifications and features of a phone, the most important factor deciding the price of a device happens to be the contract.

  1. This means that if the phone is purchased under contract with a specific carrier, it would cost much lower but you would have to incur extra charges for roaming and additionally the contract would also be limited.
  2. however, if you buy a phone without any contract, it would initially cost you more but later you would be free to use that device with any GSM carrier and at any place in the world. There won't be any contract limitations.

Such a device that comes without any contract is known as unlocked device.

For example, HTC Thunderbolt is one of the most popular Android based phones at present.

  • This device comes under contract with Varizon and if you buy it with that contract, it would merely cost you $70, but later on you would have to bear the carrier and roaming charges at regular basis.
  • On the other hand, if you go for an unlocked HTC Thunderbolt, you would have to pay $650.

This is certainly quite a lot but would save you from the hassle of contract requirements and roaming charges and would be particularly good for those users who usually remain mobile.

Pretty much the same is the case with other Android phone deals.

Samsung Charge is another noteworthy Android based phone which costs $29.99 when purchased under a contract and $659.99 when purchased without a contract. Still most users prefer to purchase the device unlocked since, even though it costs initially, it comes with long-term advantages.

Another example is HTC EVO 4G which can be purchased at $29.53 under a contract and $479.99 when unlocked.

Android phone deals, as is apparent, cover a wide range and hence offer users with a variety of options with respect to specs and price. This scenario coupled with the fact that most smartphones in the market are Android based has contributed toward the immense popularity of Android.

Range of Android Phone Prices

Just a few years back, the market of smartphones was actually dominated by iPhone and BlackBerry and there wasn't any mention of Android. But at present, Android has already captured some 30% market of the smartphones and the progress continues. Other than showcasing amazing high-tech features, Android phone prices are also highly competitive and seem to be much more reasonable compared to the above mentioned competitors.

Iphone and BlackBerry do not dominate the market any more

Soon after the introduction of Android OS from Google, it gained a widespread acceptance from the smartphone market and several giants of the industry including

  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • and Motorola

started developing smartphones utilizing Android.

It seems that within a couple of years or so, Android phones would dominate the market of the smartphones.

Although iPhone users are loyal to their brand, low price of Android based phones can considerably alter the trend. Android phone prices for most of the top Android based phones fall between $500 to $650.

This variation in range depends on the varying technical specifications.

Choose the phone that fits your budget

Due to this range, Android users have the facility of choosing the phone that suits their technical needs depending upon the price.

Users with constrained budget can go for cheaper devices while users who indulge in development and need high-tech features can opt for phones with high prices.

Another point to consider is that if you choose to purchase a phone under contract with a specific carrier, the price is reduced considerably.

  • For example, HTC Thunderbolt is one of the most popular Android based phones from HTC. If you choose to buy the phone under a contract with AT&T or any other carrier, the price of the device would be less than $100.
  • If, however, you purchase the phone in the unlocked state, it would cost considerably higher.

Same is the case with other Android based phones such as

  • Motorola Atrix 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • and LG Optimus 3D.

So what this depicts is that Android based phones deal with users with all backgrounds. Users with a limited budget can enjoy the benefits of a smartphone with low price while if you want to enjoy the complete package, you can always go for a device with high-end price.

Although iPhones are also available with low price when they come under contract with carriers, the range and diversity that Android phones present is virtually nonexistent in iPhones. Besides, the diverse technical specifications that Android phones offer are also absent from the iPhones.

Just to give an example, Apple's iPhone 4G running iOS4 under contract with AT&T is available at $199.99 while T-Mobile myTouch 4G under contract with T-Mobile comes at a nominal price of $79.99. You would find other android based phones at even cheaper rates. This explains the popularity of Android phones among the youngsters.

To sum it up, Android phone prices have played a critical role in the popularity of Android and the revolution in the smartphones industry.

Samsung has been particularly releasing a platoon of smartphones with a range of hardware specifications and software applications.

So while Android is competing successfully with iOS when it comes to applications and technical features, it has a clear edge on the price front and this would certainly prove to be highly advantageous in the battle of dominance in the smartphones market.