Android Phone List – The 5 Best

The Android phones are in great demand these days and while you can find a good number of brands offering a large number of different models for sale, it is important to determine the best ones. Since the Android applications for most phones are the same, a lot depends on the type of phones you buy, the ease of use as well as other specifications. Here is an Android phone list consisting of the 5 best phones available in the market. All of these phones can be outfitted with android accessories like a full QWERTY keyboard for added functionality. 

HTC Thunderbolt

The nexgen phone, it is bound to be on all top Android phone lists. A great 4G phone, it has been in high demand since its launch, in March 2011. HTC Thunderbolt has a very powerful and fast processor to add to the greatly sensitive user interface. You can use this smart phone as your multimedia cum business phone with its ability to support most Android software, work at high speeds as well as the great 8 mega pixel camera. It is probably the best Android phone around with its ability to perform faster on selected networks.

htc thunderbolt 4g android smartphone

Motorola Atrix 4G

A close second to HTC Thuderbolt, is Motorola Atrix 4G. Once again, a great 4G supporting cellular device which is very sleek and fast performing. With its dual core processor, you can be sure of great speed while running multiple android widgets. The qHD display adds on to the list of great features that the phone possesses. The only thing that pushes the Atrix 4G to a second spot on this Android phone list is the 5 mega pixel camera as compared to the 8 mp with HTC thunderbolt.

motorola atrix 4g smartphone

Samsung Charge

The phone comes 3rd on this Android phone list but is surely a good pick, if you like various cell models from Samsung. Once again the phone impresses with the high speed 4G connectivity and processing speed as well as the AMOLED screen. While the Charge has a great camera clarity and resolution as well, it loses out to the top two on the connectivity speed. Though it is fast, it is just not as fast.

samsung droid charge 4g android smartphone

Samsung Epic 4G

Fourth on the list is another phone from Samsung, which is again a possible addition to any Android phone list. It is the best from the Samsung galaxy series and with a physical keyword, great camera and 4G connectivity, this one definitely scores big points. The 1GHz hummingbird processor is good as well but probably the speed and the camera clarity do not match up with what the above three have on offer.

samsung epic 4g android phone


The company that started the list also ends the list for the top 5 with the EVO 4G. It is an android phone worth your time. With probably the best camera that you will find on the list, wonderful multimedia options and also a very stylish design, the HTC EVO 4G is a winner. It only lacks due to the inability to connect to a lot of 4G networks, but this may change in the future. 

htc evo 4g android smartphone

Whichever phone you ultimately choose, be sure to protect your investment by purchasing good android antivirus software to help protect your smartphone against nasty bugs and corrupted data.