The present generation is one of advanced technologies, complex devices and high power tools. Being the inhabitants of this age, we have become familiar with getting newer versions of our daily used devices. Once we get something new in our hand and make use of that device regularly, in our subconscious we wait for the next and more improved version of that stuff; something better, more advanced and useful for our lives. And in this aspiration, we create more and more advance and complex devices to get the finest support from modern technology and science.

One of the most recent creations of mobile phones accounts to a brand new operating system that goes by the name Android. The well known and much discussed Android Phones are kinds of mobile phones with advance Android software. Actually, Android is a pack of software for mobile phones that contain an operating system with middleware and key applications. The original developer of the software, Android Inc. was acquiesced by Google Inc. in 2005. So the Android phones are basically Smartphones which is loaded with the android operating system. G1 cell phone, the first phone with Android software that has been developed by Google has actually partnered with the High Tech Computer Corporation (HTCC). However, T-Mobile has brought the G1 Android phones to the public for the first time in 2008 and since there has been no looking back.

Android phones are the phones of this generation and there is no doubt about this. With an inflexible development process, the previous mobile phones didn’t allow anyone to create applications. While mobile phones with Android software stack allow anyone to create applications as per their convenience. These applications are accessible from the Android Market and the user of those applications can download them directly from the handset. In addition, most of these apps are free or very low in price, unlike other regular mobile applications.

The main feature for which the Android phones have become so popular in the market among the users is, they are very easy to control. Unlike the other mobile phones which have many strict rules in the case of accessing the applications or other features, Android phones are user friendly in its true sense. Even the Android phones with the older version of Android software can be upgraded to the newer one by numerous instructions through quick search on the internet. The process is easy even for a mobile phone’s user who is not so much confident about mobile phone’s technologies.

Another reason for considering the Androids phones a revolutionary device is its open source, mobile platform.  The developers, no matter whether they are professional or amateurs, can write programs and applications for the Android operating system and contribute to the embryonic Android project by offering them to the vast Android Market. Thereafter, the users of Android phones can choose and download their required applications for their mobile phones by accessing the Android application library on their handset.

A further distinct feature of Android phones is the flexibility of manufacturer. These kinds of mobile phones are not tied to a particular manufacturer. Any manufacturer, who is interested in constructing its own version of Android phones, is allowed to use the platform of Android for their own devices; this implies that the mobile manufacturing companies can use this software to design their handsets and the users get the chance to use Android phones with the brand name of their choice. It gives the market of mobile phones some more positive moves towards a better and brighter future.

So these are the simple but significant reasons why Android phones are considered as the most desirable mobile phones of this generation.