Gone are the days when the only tablet ruling the market of mobile devices happened to be iPad. Now we have a variety of tablets with varying technical specifications and price ranges to cater the needs of users from all walks of life. At present, Android tablet PCs dominate the market of the tablets and most of the major manufacturers of tablet computers prefer Android as the leading operating system. Within just a few years, Android has gained the high reputation and acceptance among the technical as well as common users.

The first tablet that gained widespread popularity was iPad that was launched by Apple back in early 2010 and became an instant success. Since then, almost all of the major developers of mobile devices have plunged into the field of tablet devices and the battle of dominance in this industry is also on the rise. Other than being developed under various hardware structures and in various designs, several operating systems have also been utilized in the tablet computers.

Some of the noteworthy operating systems used in tablet devices so far include iOS, Android, WebOS and MeeGo etc. But among these operating systems, the fame that iOS and Android has received remains unmatched. Lately, Android has dominated the market of tablet devices with Android tablet PCs infesting the market. The major tablet PC that was released after iPad and which were the closest rival of iPad happens to be Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This device was released by Samsung in 2010 and at present, is available in 10 inch as well as a 7 inch model. Being an excellent piece of technology, this tablet PC even surpasses iPad in several aspects. This tablet runs Android Honeycomb. Honeycomb is the version of Android which has specifically been optimized to run on tablet devices. So far, most of the major Android based tablets that are available in the market run this version of Android. Now the latest Android update with the name of Ice Cream Sandwich has been optimized to run equally well both on tablet PCs as well as smartphones but this version has yet not been released.

Samsung Galaxy Tab was received with highly positive reviews from the critics and likeness from the common users. The latest version of this tablet contains a massive 8 mega pixels of camera which is ahead of iPad 2 which comes with a 5 mega pixels of camera. The seven inch version of this device happens to contain the highest pixel density on any tablet device so far. Other than Samsung, Motorola was among the pioneers to release their Android tablet PC with the name of Motorola Xoom. This is quite a decent tablet with high end features and a price which is lower than both iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab.

Following the trend of Samsung and Motorola, other giants of electronics and technology such as Sony, LG, HTC and ASUS. Also released their Android based tablets and at present, almost all the major developers of electronics equipment have released their tablet devices. Android continues to be the best choice of manufacturers and with the release of the latest version, the position of Android is expected to be improved even more.