Android Widgets – Mobile Usability at its Best

While there is a silent war that prevails between the iPhone series and the various Android based smart phones, both have their pros and cons. However one thing that you can be proud of as an Android user is the kind of Android widgets that you have at your disposal. The amount and quality of usable widgets available these days will make your mobile usability even better. A lot of the credit can be given to Android’s policy of providing the developers an open platform for development, it is also a testimony of the power of the OS. Here are some of the best Android widgets that you can use on your mobile device.

The Scoreboard Widget

Are you a sports fan?

If your answer is yes, this widget is the closest that you can get to live scores and updates, while you are on the move. With this widget from Google, you will be able to track the performance of your favorite sports team and also know more about the last match played or the upcoming fixtures. This is a definite super-app for your Android phone.

Twitter Widget

There are a lot of Twitter related Android widgets you can find for free. Among them the best one is the official Twitter app that allows you to update, post and also get real time feed. Now, you can follow people as well as learn more about what the world is talking about without having to frantically make calls or read newspapers, its on your mobile phone with twitter.

The Buzzbox Widget

If you are a person who likes to be updated with the latest developments in different spheres of interest, the Buzzbox Android widget is definitely for you. The widget collects feeds from multiple creditable RSS sources and gives you the latest developments and news related to technology, politics, sports etc. It is basically your Andoird based new reporter.

3G Watchdog

Since Android widgets are built to simplify your experience with the Android phones, the 3G watchdog is definitely a good addition to that list. You would definitely want to know about the amount of data limit that you have used and the amount remaining so that you can use your 3G services accordingly. 3G watchdog essentially offers you that service. With this you can get a detailed information on the amount of data limit utilized and how much more can you use.

Face Dial

This is a widget that makes speed dial fun. You can have pictures on your home screen and make speed call by just clicking on them. This is a kind of speed dial widget that will make your life easier and you call dialing a lot more fun.

With the above kind of Android widgets it is easier to understand why the Android users have more to cheer about. Just make sure that you have the right Android widgets downloaded so that your mobile usability can increase tremendously.