Android mp3 Players Do Exist

android mp3 playerAndroid-based MP3 players, including Samsung’s Galaxy Player, are the answer to Apple’s popular iPod Touch. These devices allow consumers to enjoy the same access to apps as modern Android smartphones without a costly mobile carrier contract. In the $200 USD price range, Android MP3 players offer families and price-conscious individuals a low cost portable entertainment and organization device. The Samsung Galaxy Player, first released in 2010, is the most popular Wi-Fi-only Android device. The Galaxy Player and similar Android devices rely solely on wireless networks for internet connectivity. They do not have access to mobile broadband networks, which is a limitation. However, the availability of free Wi-Fi connections in cities across the globe is increasing. This means that most consumers will have little trouble attempting to connect to the internet on-the-go.

These Android devices are the result of the need for mobile phone manufacturers to compete with the Apple iPod Touch, which is a popular mobile device that plays media and has access to the same iOS App Store used by the iPhone and iPad, popular phone and tablet products from Apple, respectively. The iPod Touch is similar to Android MP3 players because it similarly lacks access to mobile broadband networks and also requires a Wi-Fi network for internet connectivity.

Difference to The iPod

mp3 player(105263)Android-based mobile devices are far different from the Apple iPod Touch. These devices are full-featured unlike the locked-down iPod. Many Android devices have memory expansion slots that allow consumers to upgrade their device’s memory capacity with flash storage sticks, like those used in digital cameras. iPod customers are stuck with their device’s original storage capacity. Android devices also support FM radio, which is not available on most current iPod models. Additionally, many Android products have larger screens than the iPod Touch.

Children, teens and adults will love an Android MP3 player because of their music capacity and the ability to install games and other popular apps. For teenagers, a customizable mobile device is a must that acts as an extension of self and stands as an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Parents will enjoy these devices as gifts for their children because they do not require an expensive mobile phone voice and data plan. When an Android MP3 player is purchased, the only costs associated with the device are small per-app fees for premium apps and the cost of downloading legally-purchased music. If you are considering a new music player, the low cost and versatility of an Android MP3 player will amaze you.

Samsung Galaxy 5.0

samsung galaxy player 5The Samsung Galaxy player was supposed to be the answer to Apples iPod touch. However, if you read the user reviews, it is much more than that. It has almost none of the limitations, that bother some iPod users. It has a bigger screen, so it's easier to play games, write notes or make schedules. All these things are not necessary additions to a mp3 player, but it's still nice to have the possibility to waste some time playing games while waiting for someone. It has a replaceable battery.


You can expand the default 8 GB memory to up to 32GB, that's enough for even the most demanding music fan. All in all, it's a very good alternative to the iPod touch.

Creative ZEN Touch

Creative ZEN TouchThe ZEN Touch is one of the cheaper Android mp3 players. It is well designed and weights almost nothing. The screen resolution is above great, despite the price. It has an SDHC card slot available, which is great for saving videos you made with this gadget. Of course you'll have to buy a SDHC card first.


Sadly it seems they saved on the wrong parts. The sound quality of this mp3 player is average at best.

Philips Android Connect

Philips ConnectThe Philips Android Connect is yet another Android mp3 player on the market. The screen quality is above average, which is great, but since this is an mp3 player it's best to look at the sound quality. Luckily the sound is good too. Both, the external speaker and the 3.5mm headphone jack, deliver great sound quality. The sound is better than on the iPod touch.

The Philips Android Connect has an integrated FM radio. That's good news for everyone, who hasn't given up on the good old-fashioned FM radio yet. The two features people will probably miss the most are a camera and a SD slot. This device has no integrated camera, so taking pictures is out of the question. Also, since no SD slot is present, there is no possibility to expand the storage. You are stuck with the 8 Gb internal storage.