When it comes to the market of Smartphones and tablet devices, iOS and Android are without a doubt two most popular operating systems. There are other operating systems like WebOS and Bada OS, but they are much less accepted in the market. So basically it all melts down to Android vs. iOS race in which Android seems to have a clear edge at present.

The battle of dominance between iOS and Android seems to accelerate with each passing day. iOS had been the dominant OS for years considering the immense popularity of Apple’s iPhone but with the emergence and widespread acceptance of Android, this monopoly of iOS seems to be seriously challenged.

Since the introduction of Android by Google, it is being utilized by industry giants such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola as preferred OS for their Smartphones and tablet devices. According to a recent survey, Android has already grabbed more than 30 percent market share of mobile devices and the trend seems to accelerate.

According to the statistics, most Android users are under the age of 30 among which a handsome amount of users happen to be Android developers. This shows another edge of Android over iOS because of its being open source. Surveys also show that the owners of iPhone usually earn more than the owners of Android based phones.

So basically what this depicts is that iPhone has become more of a status symbol, just like Blackberry. iPhone users are more loyal to the brand but considering that Android based phones are increasingly being released with low prices, this trend might also change in near future. Phones like HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Epic 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G and LG Optimus 3G are among the most famous phones in the smartphones market and they are all Android based. The popularity of these phones has played an important role in the Android vs. iOS battle.

When it comes to the number of applications, iOS certainly has a lot more to offer than Android at present. At present, there are some 425,000 applications in the iPhone app store and the number is increasing. On the other hand, the number of applications in Android’s app store is only 50,000, although the number of Android applications being developed is gearing up and Android is expected to close the gap in the coming years.

Pretty much same is the case with games where iOS has a lot more to offer compared to Android. Android, however, gives a lot more freedom for customization to its users while this kind of freedom is very limited with iOS. The open source nature of Android has given opportunity of easy and simple development to the independent developers.

Android introduced clear and easy social networking integration which was missing from iOS. Although later iOS introduced this feature but Android clearly had a lead of this front. So the Android vs. iOS battle would clearly accelerate in near future. Android is the OS of future while iOS has seen its peak years. Android devices were sold more than the iPhones in the later half of 2010 and after that the trend seems to continue and even accelerate.

Android, with the label of Google and support from major electronic firms, is enjoying vast support among the users and freelance developers. So still it would take time for Android to catch up with iOS which has a clear edge with respect to applications and better user interface.