In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the year 1928 a man was born called Andrew Warhola, it was this man that would grow up to become an artist who would change the face of modern art. Andy Warhol drawings and paintings today are sold for a pretty price and are a collectors item. Even replicas of his great work will make a fantastic addition to any ones home. In the 1960's Warhol began is success with his painting of pop culture and icons. His silkscreen images of well known household brands such as Coke, Brillo and Campbell's soup gave these everyday items an iconic feel.

It was the creation of this silkscreening were he would use different variances, colors and multiple images in the effect, that catapulted Andy Warhol to global success within the pop art world. Warhol soon moved on from drawing consumer items and concentrated on images of popular well known people in America at that time. People such as Jackie Onanssis, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. Andy Warhol drawings were in demand and the popularity of them skyrocketed and he was creating drawings and paintings at a very fast pace.

He became so popular that exhibits were being held everywhere in the US and even overseas. He continued making famous portraits of the famous people of that era these included Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson to name just a few. Andy Warhol drawings & artwork didn't just focus on the rich and famous. One of his artwork series was called the death and disaster, were he painted car accidents, electric chair executions, racism and photographs which were heavily edited. This artwork wasn't as popular, but it still holds a significant part in artistry today.

His love for his pets also inspired him to do more artwork and he created an artwork series called cats and dogs. Andy Warhol was an animal lover, and he painted lots of cats from photographs of cats taken from a renowned photographer. Andy also painted many images of his own dogs. Andy Warhol drawings and paintings are still in great demand even to this day and some of his artwork will command prices into the millions of dollars range and upwards. In his birthplace Pittsburgh Pennsylvania there is an Andy Warhol Museum which is a fantastic way to document the great artwork from this man.