Angel Christmas ornaments add a beautiful touch to your Christmas tree or even around your home during the holidays. These popular ornaments come in many stunning shapes and sizes, but no matter what their design, they are a heart-felt symbol to many of both the religious significance of the holiday and man's goal of peace on earth. Read on to discover more about these Christmas ornaments, a few styles that are popular, and where you can pick up some great selections for the holidays.

Angel Christmas Ornaments: Beautiful and Symbolic

willow christmas angel ornament

Few types of holiday ornaments are as popular as angel Christmas ornaments. For generations, they have been a mainstay of seasonal decorating, and there is no surprise why. Not only are angels beautiful to look at, they have great religious significance for Christians during the Christmas holiday and they are a more universal symbol of man's common goal of peace on earth. Angels have meaning no matter the religious belief, making them a welcoming standard for any family's holiday decorating. They are something that brings everyone together, and that's what the season is all about.

Popular Angel Christmas Ornament Types

There are as many types of angel ornaments out there as there are snow flake patterns (meaning A LOT). Many are amazing in their craftsmanship, with details and finishes so beautiful that they truly inspire. There are other angel Christmas ornaments that are designed for simplicity and can be placed all over your Christmas tree as a thematic look. It's also a very popular do-it-yourself home ornament for both adults and children alike, including angel ornaments made from felt and other craft materials. You'll find still others that take a more modern and fun approach, tying together popular cartoon characters or pets with traditional angel wings or halos. A few of the more popular include:

waterford annual christmas angel ornament

Waterford Annual Angel Christmas Ornaments

Some of the most beautiful ornaments come from Waterford, and their angel ornaments are no exception. They also release a new one on an annual basis, making them collectors' items that can make your holidays extra special.

gloria angel christmas ornamentGloria Angel Christmas Ornaments Packs

A simple, but beautiful style perfect for layering all over your tree. The metal makes these ornaments sparkle among your holiday fairy lights.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament: Me No Taz Angelhallmark me no taz angel

A fun angel ornament for the kids featuring a cartoon character even the adults out there will love.

williamsburg christmas angel ornamentWilliamsburg Christmas Angel Ornaments

Dressed in more traditional garb and painted to perfection, the style of these angel ornaments will really enhance your traditional Christmas theme.

Where To Use Angel Christmas Ornaments

It's obvious that these ornaments are perfect Christmas tree decorations, but you can also use them throughout your home. They make great hanging window decorations, as well as small decor touches on side tables and other furniture.

It also doesn't need to be Christmas to enjoy these angel ornaments. Because of their universal appeal, many people find ways to incorporate angel ornaments into their non-holiday decor. They can be great for accent decorations in living rooms, indoor gardens, and arts and crafts rooms depending on your home decor style.

hand carved olive wood praying angel ornament

The Price And Where To Buy Angel Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments can range from $5 to $40 depending on the style. The sweet spot, though, is around $10 - $15 for most ornaments. If you are buying sets, you'll find them normally available between $20 and $30. carries a very wide selection of angel Christmas ornaments, available (often at discounted prices) throughout the year. As the holiday season hits, you'll also find angel Christmas ornaments in Christmas stores, department stores, and many other retailers as they are a popular seller. Be aware, though, that you may not find the variety, and more than likely not the discounted prices, of and other online retailers. Seeing as it's high season when they start selling them, the demand is high, so there will be few discounts in sight.

You'll absolutely love your angel Christmas ornaments as your decorating your Christmas tree and your home for the holidays. They are not only beautiful, but also symbolic of this special time of year. There are few things more perfectly attuned for the season, and your guests will certainly love the holiday atmosphere they create.