The craze for Angel tattoo designs is for their angelic beauty and the supernatural connection with God and godly objects. As these tattoos are the emblems of spirituality beyond the mundane things people love to get designed with Angel tattoos.With a religious depth imbibed in it an Angel tattoo displays passion for divinity. Angel tattoos are very common among women as they represent the deliberate femininity and delicacy blended with the sense of heavenly purity. Most of the women put Angel tattoos in the memory of their loved ones lost long ago.Some tattoos stand as the sign of protection form danger and evil power whereas some others are preferred for expressing one’s personal gesture of spiritual inclination.


Before getting an Angel tattoo one should know the true meaning of an angel or what exactly an angel represents through its identity.There were references of angels in the religions like Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism that described that they appeared to act as a connection between human and God. They were attributed with godly power to protect humans from evil forces and used to get armed with swords to fight with them. They were said to be the God’s messengers to perform their duty employed by God Himself. So angels can be of many types like funny,sweet and peaceful with wings or harps with them and also those who may be sketched as strong protectors with swords with them.


According to the duties to be functioned by them the angels are divided in many categories. Firstly, there are arch angels who are recognized to be of the royal class of all the angels and the leading ones who are stated to be the closest to the God to lead the army of the angels to fight against the evils. The most famous arch angel is Michael who defeated Lucifer in the battle and threw him out of heaven.In the tattoo design Michael is shown with his sword raised upward. Again there are guardian angels that are the saviors of human beings and protect them being the faithful agents of God. They are pictured with the children they protect. Cherubs are those angels who are supposed to be the most popular among young boys and girls. They are believed as the cutest and happiest angels portrayed with wings or sometimes with harps. Among them Cupid is the god of love who inspires romance and is armed with arrow and a bow.  On the eve of Valentines day youths prefer tattooing cupids to reveal love. Fallen angels are referred to the ones who are defeated by Lucifer and had fallen from the heaven to the earth with torn wings. They are generally drawn in black and white to depict the spirit of loss.  It is said that as angels stand for goodness and attachment towards spiritual world on the contrary fallen angels can be treated from an opposite view point as the representation of escaping into a materialistic world.  Fallen angels may signify the lack of religious bonding and eternal faith upon humanity and God.


Angel tattoo is ideal for being symbolic of a link between the human-world with the spiritual world. These tattoos are well-known for spreading the message of right and wrong. They are related with the sense of protection and struggle. In that point of view one can make an Angel tattoo to protect oneself from anything bad.Some Angel tattoos are presented with a picture of trumpet or harp to make it lighter or happy in tone. Angel comforting a hurt or wounded soul is once again a very touchy design to depict. Other tattoos may include some devilish pattern in portrayal. Angels holding bloody swords or daggers preaching spirited fight to save humanity can be a unique theme to engrave on body as tattoo.


There is another kind of angel called Tarot angel. They are neither protectors nor fighters but the ones who serve for God by carrying messages to the persons to be delivered. The messages are to be interpreted by the persons and not by the bearers. Thus they encourage the persons in Tarot reading to find out the inner meaning of the messages as there may be some hidden prophecies in them.


Angel tattoos are the symbols of friendship when depicted at the arm part. Individuals are worn with angel tattoos to be reminded of their duties like the angel figures. In order to get rid of certain illness or disease Angel tattoos are made as the lucky sign. Apart from some demonic angels most of the Angel tattoos bear goodness and softness. Hence a person ought to look for an Angel tattoo keeping in mind all these features and designs of the same with the added religious flavor. 

Angel Wings Tattoos Designs

Angel Tattoos Designs

Angel Wings Tattoos Designs