If you are to inquire about the most in demand tattoo designs these days, most tattoo artists would tell you that angel wing tattoo designs are on the top of the list. These tattoo designs are not angels, or images representing angels. They are tattoos of wings owned by angels. Angel wings are some of the most sought after tattoo designs because of their intricate and beautiful appearance. Most people put them in an area of their bodies where they would like it has been there since birth. It could be placed on the shoulders or shoulder blades.

Angel wings send off a motivating and spiritual meaning. Wings also denote flight, which could be translated to freedom. Most people use angel wings as an expression of love, as they associate it with Cupid. Some regard it as a symbol of their worldly existence and the independence of human spirit. Wings can also show the relationship between the divine and the human world. Both men and women can relate to an angel wings tattoo, especially if they believe in its spiritual meaning.

Before leafing through angel wing tattoo designs, keep in mind that once they are inked on your body, there is no turning back. Before choosing a design, make sure that it is really what you want and it should bear an important meaning so that you will not regret it no matter what mood you are in. Pick out a tattoo design that would show who you really are so you don't have to hesitate showing it off. Angel wings are versatile so anybody can have them without having to relate to its spiritual meaning. Angels don't necessarily have to be associated with a certain faith. There are plenty of angel wings designs to draw inspiration from and you can always create a version that matches your personality.

Angel wing tattoo designs are mostly done on the back. This gives the illusion of having wings growing out from your back. You can make them imposing or you can choose a smaller size so that they would look like they were just starting to grow. However, it is not only your back that could serve as the most ideal location. You should not let convention keep you from getting creative. Some of the most popular angel wings designs you can use are the traditional feather design, tribal, modern, and a combination of other tattoo styles.