Compassion is the best anger management technique

Destroy the EPA that oversees clean water and clean air, annihilate the Obama reforms that manage the banking sector, repeal the health care bill that is “too expensive” to care for Americans (who have the top medical care standards in the Western world but one of the lowest amount of population with access to it. What’s next?!

To a simple fella who is a little more concerned about the good of other people this will sound absolutely insane, disconnected from reality and a disgustingly insensible. “Why?” you might ask yourself, “Why, would anyone be so arrogantly short sighted?” When scientists tell we have only 5 years to revamp our energy sources or deal with immense consequences, initiatives like using reusable bottles or bringing your own personal canvas bag to the store can seem like farting against the typhoon in trying to stop it. So if it seems totally pointless to fight fundamental human ignorance then why even bother; the world is likely going to crash and burn anyways, isn’t it?

Is Anger the Best Answer for an Activist?

It’s challenging to not feel upset, discouraged and on a brink of quitting. On the other hand, upon searching one’s soul one cannot escape a daunting insight: “What’s the blooming alternative?” Do we just forget about it all and become like those “other” folks who don’t care? Deep inside we know this is not the answer. Maybe now, when our voices may be needed the most.

The answer can be found inside our minds and in our hearts but we must first take care of one nagging issue - our out of control frustration and blinding anger. You see resentment is a poor solution.  At least not if we want a lasting progress and not a brief fight.

It’s true that anger can spark a response or encourage new action but can we ever truly win? Hardly ever. At least not in the war that we socially sensitive types want to fight.

Maybe the most suitable words would be by E. Abbey, who said “Society is like a stew, If you don’t stir it up every once in a blue moon, then a layer of dirt floats to the surface and stinks up the air.”

Anger is a dreadful instrument to seek change. It alienates people, devalues the cause we are fighting for and burns bridges that are later necessary to bring the “troops” back. Above all, let’s bear in mind we are dealing with the adversary inside. It's still “we the people,” Americans, family and friends with different point of views. Because of this, we owe it to ourselves to value everyone in the fight, that we be respectful and fair.

Effective Ways to Deal with Anger

So how can we deal with our discouragement and get back on our feet? Easy. We practice a few powerful anger management techniques to master our mindsets and spring into action. Here are some awesome ways to do it.

I. Keep in mind that you are a living participant in this world. We often forget that the ecosystem is a living "organism." Every individuals leaves a footprint and not matter how tiny they seem to be, our individual activities are part of the big web which have small ripple effects in a big web of existence.

II. Reunite with nature. We regularly lose sight what we are fighting for when our noses are in some periodical or computer screen 24/7. Visit the nature, tap into its calmness, give it time to alkalize you and encourage you with its meekness.

III. Make up your mind to never give up no matter what.  Make a decision to go down doing good then join the carless ones.

IV. Start or become a member of a group of like-minded folks. It is crucial to motivate yourself with optimistic, action minded people who “get it.” Start a blog about environmentally conscious living or whatever else you care about, find a Meetup in your town and focus on a consorted action.

V. Lead by example.  Keep speaking about the problems you care about with friends and keep asking your congressman to take action.  Brag about your accomplishments, tell the world what you achieved and invite others to do the same!

Whatever you do, don’t do things out of frustration or anger. Anger is a sign of weakness so do it with enthusiasm and with endless empathy for other sentient creatures. Staying positive and patient is the only way to make waves that can result in the change you would love to see.