Anger Management Techniques

Whether you're the type of person that lets out their anger by screaming, or you're the type that does it by punching holes in walls; there are many techniques that allow you to control your anger. Although committing these acts to "let out" your anger may make you feel as if you have gotten rid of it, the truth is that you have really only gotten rid of it temporarily. These acts of "letting it out" also eventually cause a slippery slope style chain in which you may get more and more mad each time you commit them; for instance, a person that punches a pillow this time that they are angry will probably be the same person that punches a wall or piece of furniture the next time! Holding anger can cause significant problems for the individual both physically and mentally; however, releasing that anger by screaming or punching can cause different problems that are just as significant! The only method that allows you to release your anger while not causing any short or long term problems is calming yourself down; this allows you to avoid bottling up your anger, while bringing your body to a relaxed state so that you may deal with what is making you angry in a rational way. This article is designed to inform you of various anger management methods that allow you to calm yourself down.

Count Up To 10, 20, Or 30

This is one method that will allow your body to physically calm down. It has to be the oldest trick in the book and you have probably heard your parents and teachers telling you to use this technique since you were young. The most effective form of calming an angered person is time; moreover, when you take the time to count to 10 you are giving your body the time that it needs to get rid of the angry feeling. Different situations can bring about different levels of anger amongst the individual, and everyone has a different level of anger tolerance, so there is no magic number to count to; however, a rule of thumb is to count until you have calmed down. I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes I have to count up to 50 or 60 to calm down; while other situations only require me to count to 5 to become calm.

Take Deep Breaths

This is another method that will allow you to physically calm down. When you become angered your heart rate speeds up and adrenaline surges through your body; to calm down you must counteract this effect. Deep breaths allow your heart rate to begin to slow down and allow the adrenaline to stop rushing through your body. Just as stated previously with the counting, everybody is different, so there is no magic formula to choose how deep or how many breaths to take; however, if you can manage to take the deepest breaths that your body allows, and continue doing so until you feel like you have calmed, you will have no problems with anger management.

Stop Moving And Sit Down

This method will physically calm you down by significantly reducing your movement and ultimately decreasing your heart rate and adrenaline. This method may seem very basic but the moment that you start to sense anger you should make a conscious attempt to take a seat or stop moving as much as you can; this will allow your anger to slightly settle

Visualize Calm and Relaxing Things

The previous techniques have given you ways to physically calm yourself down; however this is only half of the battle, you must mentally calm yourself down to conquer the other half. One way to do this is to begin to visualize calming things or things that make you happy from the moment that you begin to sense that you are becoming angry. The reason that angered people commit these violent acts is because being angry hinders their ability to make rational decisions; clearing your mind from the effects of anger is the first step to thinking rationally again. Once again the image that may be calming for one individual may also anger a different individual, so there is no set image to use; you should simply use the image or setting that brings upon feelings of joy and happiness.

Talk It Out

This method will also allow your mind to clear all of the angered thought out. Sometimes angered people simply need to express why they are angered through words to somebody and they feel a huge sense of relief that allows them to calm down. This is because it allows them to avoid bottling up their feelings. Bottling up feelings without verbally expressing them leads to expressing them through acts of violence; this method avoids that entirely! This can be one of the most effective methods available because it serves as an exhaust for your anger, and allows you to let it out. This method has the greatest effect when you tell somebody that is a close friend or family member to you, rather than a distant acquaintance or random individual; however, any talking is better than no talking so if your only option is talking to your boss, or a friend of a friend of yours than don't let it stop you.

Anger can cause people to make very irrational decisions, and because of this, people must do whatever they can to calm themselves and avoid this irrationality. There are many ways to mentally and physically calm yourself; this article lists 5 of the most effective and well known techniques. One thing to remember when trying to manage your anger is an idea of rational thinking; it may be hard when all you can think about is what angered you, but you should try and remember to think as rational as your mind and body allow you to. I am sure that if you put effort into using these to their best potential, you will have no problem coping with your anger.