Planning Your Next Angry Birds Party? Some Helpful Ideas

The phenomenon That Is Angry Birds!

Angry birds conquered the world. It all started as a simple game for the Apple iOS until millions of copies were purchased at the Apple’s app store. Since then, more versions have been created for android phones, personal computers and gaming consoles. As you would expect, the World Wide Web’s phenomenal power, made the game and the wingless birds even more popular, even in the smallest social gadget. 

The gaming world will be dead without kids – the masters knew that well enough to design their games according to what kids like and want. The characters: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Green and Big Brother bird surpass even the most popular superstars with their collectible items.  This is the work of genius and fabulous marketing of course.  You can find Angry Birds merchandise to outfit you from head to toe, including caps, shirts, under wear, sleep wear, bags, slippers and accessories. You can also get  key chains, wall clocks, and mugs and of course everything you need to throw a fabulous Angry Birds birthday party.


Fantastic Ideas For A Memorable Angry Birds Party

Why are those loveable characters so popular? Consider these factors: Angry Birds has a story that kids can identify with, it colorful and attention grabbing (eye-catching) and simple to play and win (sense of achievement fulfilled). There is no wonder why kids ask for the Angry Birds theme at their party year after year. Plan your Angry Birds theme party for kids and make a special boy or girl very happy.

Angry Birds Invitation – It all starts here. Get the kids excited for the party! Creating your own invitation could be a piece of cake. Design your own invitation either by scissors and cut boards, pictures and photo software, or go online and buy the copy as soon as you know you want to have an Angry Birds themed party for your child. You can find materials as low as $0.80 - $8.99, you will get the digital file and you can print as many copies as you want!

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Angry Birds Tableware or Party Packs – This includes plates, cups, napkins, and foil balloons. You can purchase them individually but there are also packages good  for your exact number of guests. Prices include $33 and below for package tableware and $3.49 - $4.99 if you order them individually. You may also want the Angry Birds tablecloth. Alternatively, you can also deal with solid-colored supplies (plates and cups) and use the same color as of the birds – place Angry Birds stickers on the plates and supplies, and Voila! You have Angry Birds table setting that was easy to create.

Angry Birds Party Supplies Pack for 8 Guests Including Plates, Cups, Napkins and BalloonCredit: Amazon.comAngry Birds Deluxe Party Kit(93695)Credit:


Angry Birds Poster, Stickers and Decals – Decorate the walls and fill the place with Angry Birds Posters. Feel the spirit of fun with the stickers all around! Prices include $0.40 - $2.47. You can also use the stickers for your invitations, cups, and party favors. They also make great gifts to hang up in your kid’s room after the party.

Angry Birds Decorative DecalsCredit: Amazon.comdecorate your walls with this brand new poster     easy to frame and makes a great gift too     ships quickly and safely in a sturdy protective tube     measures 11.00 by 17.00 inches (27.94 by 43.18 cms)Credit: Angry Bird Stickers - 75 Stickers - 5 Styles - 2 1/2" EachCredit:



Angry Birds Cake / cake toppers / cup cakes – Your party will never be complete without the cake. Let your kids blow the candles with a blast! Bake your own cake and purchase the Angry Birds Cake Toppers edible image (circular or rectangular) for only $8.99 - $9.75 to decorate it. Cupcakes look lovely with the Cake Decor mini figure Toppers for only $12.50 - $26, they come with 15 pieces set or 30 pieces set. There are also Cake pans you can purchase for $27.87 if you want to imitate the Angry Birds castle.

Angry Birds Edible Image Cake Topper(93698)Credit: Amazon.comAngry Birds Edible Image Cake Topper(93699)Credit: Angry Birds Cupcake Rings - Birthday Party Favors - 12ctCredit:

      Angry Birds giveaways / party favors – Kids will enjoy little treat from you such as golden eggs, Angry Birds candies, chocolate covered rice cakes, and chocolate bird eggs. Even after the party, they can still enjoy the Angry Birds phenomenon with Bird whistles, Angry Birds Buttons, Angry Birds Silly Bandz, Grosgrain Ribbon, and embed those in the Angry Birds party favors bird’s nest (a miniature nest in replace with party bags).

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 Angry Birds Costume / masks – This will make the party more alive because kids will surely be love to dress up like their favorite Angry Birds character.

Paper Magic Angry Birds Infant CostumeCredit: Amazon.comAngry Birds Child CostumeCredit: Amazon.comKids Yellow Angry Bird CostumeCredit:


GamesYou Can Play At Your Angry Birds Party

Now this is the heart of the party:


Angry Birds Card Game

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Other games

  1. The Slingshot game. The idea is the same of the Angry Birds game.  You can have a bunch of single slingshot for every kid (this is cheap) and a bunch of foam balls. Have them try to knock out a line of empty bottles or soda cans on a table one at a time. Place the Green Pigs’ pictures in front of the target and see how many bottles they can knock out with a definite number of balls.
  2.  Angry Face Pin. This one is and similar to  the “pin the tail on the donkey” game. Once you purchase an Angry Birds Poster, cut out the face of the bird and have it photo copied depending on the number of attending children you have. Place a double-sided tape on the back of the cut-out face. Blindfold each child and let them stick the cut out face to the right place. Everyone will enjoy this game and kids will exhibit excitement as they try to help the pinner by telling him which direction to go.
  3.  Angry Birds Piñata.  You can use this as a decor or for the kids to whack and bust it open for candy goodies and treats. You can make your own piñata with crepe papers (color depends on what bird you want to imitate). However, if you are looking for someone who can make this for you, try - They create big, beautiful and quality-wise piñatas; you might end up keeping it as a decor.
  4. Golden Egg Hunt. The same with Easter egg hunt but here’s the catch, it doesn’t matter how many eggs they will find because inside each egg, there will be a number, and the sum of those will determine what prize they can get. The biggest total will get the biggest prize. Or another idea is like of the Christmas exchange gift, every prize has its assigned number. You will get the prize with the same number inside the golden egg that you found. With this, they only need to look for a single egg and more kids will enjoy the prizes.

Many things can be incorporated here, just be creative, play the game and most of all-just have fun! What you can do is not limited to this article, however, some of these ideas can help serve as a foundation for you to build on.  If you live in the Denver area, places like Save The Date Events can help you plan your Angry Birds Part if you are feeling like you don’t want to do it from scratch.

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