Angry birds board game is the latest adaptation of the hugely popular video game for smart phone, the angry birds. 

The angry birds board game or the angry birds knock on wood board game is the first mattel angry birds board game that is being sold in stores all over the world. Unlike the video game where you just need to destroy the pig’s fortification, this board game gives you the chance to create your own structure and knock it down with the toys that will be given to you in this board game.

The Good

What is good about the angry birds board game

Well the angry birds board game  is already a toy set that you can play on its own. This angry birds toy game gives you a set of blocks of different sizes to make your own pigs structure or fort. It will also give you a few pigs  and some birds to play with. It will also give you a slingshot that is spring-powered which you can use with the birds so you can destroy the structure you have made. This new board game gives you a real chance to play angry birds in real life by giving you the blocks to make your own level or  by following the game's instruction and using the slingshot with the birds to destroy it just like in the video game.

The Bad

What is bad about the angry birds board game

Well the angry birds game is already a set but one box of the knock on wood game will only give you a few number of blocks which means that you can only create simple structures   that is on the game's cards or instruction unlike those seen on the angry birds video game especially on the latter levels. The birds and the pigs given are fewer than 10 in total which means that you will have less objects to use as targets and less object to use for the slingshot/ There is also a problem on how the birds and pigs are made. They are just oval/round differently colored plastic toys that have a picture of a bird or a pig pasted on it. Because of the circular shape of the toys, making them stand is quite difficult especially if the table you have placed your new board game is not that flat or your a little bit clumsy. The slingshot included in this toy set is too powerful that even in half- strenght or half-pull, you will over-shoot your structure.

The Why

Conclusions on the angry birds board game

The angry birds board game is one of the best adaptation of a video game because it virtually mimics the game so you can play it in real life. While the knock on wood blocks maybe too few to create complex angry birds level, you can just buy 2-3 angry birds board game and it even solves your problem with the shortage of pigs and birds. This new angry birds board game is a great toy to play with and a must have for any angry birds fans out there.

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