How Did They Make Angry Birds Knock On Wood Go from App to Retro Board Game?

Angry Birds is the Most Popular App Ever. Now it is in Real Life.

Angry Birds was just an app developed by Rovio Mobile. Now it is for real, a physical board game you can hold in your own two hands. The game has been given tons of awards based off its addictive puzzle-solving style. It has even made it in pop culture in several appearances. For the first time, it actually has become a board game.

This is really cool.

The board game is Angry Birds Knock On Wood, and it makes the game accessible to a lot more people than what the app could offer. I know many parents who slide open their iPhone or their iPad so their children can play the game. Well, no need to lose your awesome device anymore, because now you can just buy this game and have your kids play with their friends all they want.

So What is Inside the Box?

Inside the real game box you will find several components that make up the game. You will find plastic wooden blocks that you can build, along with various mission cards. You will use these mission cards to build the green pigs "wooden" castles which later on you knock down by pummeling the angry birds at it.

Along with these you get 4 green pigs with 3 angry birds. You place the green pigs on the wooden castle structure that you build based off the mission cards, then you use a catapult-sling-shot like device to hurl the angry birds at the castle. 

There is a total of 40 mission cards, so the various structures one can make using the build blocks is quite impressive. Along with various structures based off the mission cards, some of the mission cards allow for experimental structures for you build. Which helps flex your child's creative muscle a little as they make their own wooden castles to place the poor green pigs in (Never should have stole those eggs...).

Something for You to Be Aware of Before Playing Angry Birds Knock On Wood

The game is super addictive. Your kids will have a blast building new wooden castles while attempting to knock them down from farther away. Just the skill level required sometimes is quite impressive - which adds to the fun of the game itself.

However, parents beware!

Even though you may have found a super entertaining game for your kids to play, make sure you have a "zone" setup for when they are playing Angry Birds Knock On Wood. This zone serves as a restricted area so the pieces do not go scattering everywhere. Otherwise you may end up getting frustrated looking for these pieces all the time. A good place to play then would simply be on your floor in an open space, a place where the kamikaze angry birds can't get lost behind furniture or other obstacles preferably.

For the price you pay for the game, it is a gret deal and highly recommended by its fans.  You as the adult may even find a challenge sometimes in building the castle structures from the wooden pieces they give. Which always adds a layer of hilarity - especially as your child builds the castle for you that you were finding so difficult.

Anyone who is looking to spend some quality time with their kids and bring in some cartoon fun into life, Angry Birds Knock on Wood is highly recommended.

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game