Angry Birds Knock On Wood(82047)

The phone application "Angry Birds" has taken the world by storm.  Toys and games like Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game have become very popular among children and adults who cannot get enough of these creatures.  This game gives 2-4 players the opportunity to interact with the characters from the app in real life.  The game is similar to its online version which involves launching an angry bird at egg stealing pigs that sit on wooden castles in hopes of destroying them to get to the next level.  People get to play with angry birds, four pigs, different pieces of wood, and a launcher.  As a player grabs a card from one of the four levels, the next person builds the structure shown on the card.  After it is ready, the first person continues to try to shoot it down with a specific bird.  Higher levels are worth more points.

The Positives

This game is perfect for anyone who loves the phone app "Angry Birds".  The rules are simple to follow and the premise is quite similar to the app.  Young children will be able to play since no reading is involved.  All of the pieces used to build the structures are sturdy and durable.  It is a nice way to build a child's coordination as well.

Many people enjoy the challenges of the rules which include the various ways that the structures can be erected and the ways that the birds can be launched.  The fourth level mission cards are great to build creativity since freestyle building is incorporated at this point.  The hands on play brings to life a video game that can be enjoyed by an entire family for hours of fun.

The Negatives

Sometimes building the structures as listed on the cards can be tedious and frustrating for younger players.  Also, shooting the birds in person involves a lot more thought and coordination than on the online version.  However, with a bit of patience, the cards are able to be finished.  It is important to account for all of the pieces after playing because if any of them become lost, it will make it impossible to finish the structures on the cards. 

The Bottom Line

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game gives those who love the online app the opportunity to build real castles with pigs attached and get the chance to launch the different birds to knock it over.  It brings a three dimensional aspect to the game.  It is great for all ages with its simple rules and does not require a lot of time to complete.  For these reasons, anyone who is a fan of these crazy creatures should give it a try.