AngryBirds is a wildly popular game that many play on their iPad, iPhone, iTouch or android phones, along with tablets and computers. The birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs. The goal of AngryBirds is to kill the pigs and knock down their structures.

The player launches the Angry Bird from a slingshot aimed at the pigs. Destroying the pigs and their structures as well as various earns players points and bonus. Players progress through a variety of levels, inflicting damage on the enemy pigs. Finishing the level unlocks the next level and allows the player to continue with their pig slaughtering rampage. Along the way Golden Eggs are hidden in a variety of places. Finding the eggs unlocks a special level at the end of play. Finding some of the Golden Eggs can be a challenge unless you know where to look.

AngryBirds HD is offered as a paid app on iTunes and well worth every penny of fun and hours of enjoyment this game will bring. The app was created by Rovio, who offers updates and new levels free of charge. AngryBirds is a great game to play during your train or bus commute to and from work, while traveling by airplane or just relaxing at home. The only drawback to AngryBirds is how addicted you will become. You will end up hating the evil green pigs as much as the AngryBirds do with their snide grins they flash when you don’t complete a level or their greedy want of the poor AngryBirds eggs. Here is your chance for revenge on the pigs on behalf of the birds, collect the golden eggs to unlock new levels.

AngryBirds Golden Eggs  1, 2, 3 & 4

Getting the first Golden-Egg requires the player to get three stars in the world 4 and 5.

The second Golden-Egg is hidden in the game menu. Go to the main AngryBirds menu and tap the sun a few times to reveal it. The sun in located near the bottom of the screen in the center.

The third Golden-Egg is also cleverly hidden in the menus. Choose “Credits” from the main menu screen, tap the big egg at the end.

For the fourth Golden-Egg choose “Help” and tap the egg located at the end of the directions.

AngryBirds Golden-Eggs 5, 6, 7 & 8

The fifth egg is in Level 1-8, (Poached Eggs) look for the treasure chest in the middle of the screen. The pigs are sitting on the structure that surrounds the chest. Tap the treasure chest to reveal the egg.

The sixth egg is hiding in level 2-2 (Poached Eggs). Aim for the beach ball to get it.

Egg number 7 can be found in level 4-7 (The Mighty Hoax) by making the playing field small, look at the upper right corner.

Number 8 is found in level 5-19 (in The Mighty Hoax) on the right side of the structure closest to the AngryBirds.

AngryBirds Golden Eggs 9, 10, 11 & 12

Numbers 9 and 10 can be found in level 6-14 (Danger Above). Look for the yellow balloons. One is found in the middle and the other is on the right side near the bottom. Break the yellow balloons with an Angry Bird to get the egg.

The eleventh egg is found just past world number 8 (Danger Above). Go to the world 8 screen, put your finger on the right side of the screen and drag it to the left side of the screen where a golden egg will appear.

Egg number 12 is a reward for finishing the Danger Above world by achieving three stars in each level.

AngryBirds Golden Eggs 13, 14, 15, 1 & 17

Number 13 is located in level 8-15 (Danger Above). Look for the wood boxes on the left side of the screen. The wood boxes are under the AngryBirds slingshot and launching pad.

Number 14 can be found in level 9-14 (The Big Setup). Launch the Boomerang Bird to hit it on the edge of the cliff that is furthest on the right side.

Egg 15 is found in level 10-3 (The Big Setup). Look for the yellow rubber ducky. Aim an Angry Bird at the duck to get it.

Number 16 is located in level 11-15 (The Big Setup). Make the playing screen smaller and look on the left side of the screen at the bottom. Launch the Boomerang Bird and have him change direction to get it.

Egg number 17 -- You will get the golden egg if you get 3 stars on every level of “The Big Setup”

More and More Golden-Eggs

AngryBirds Episode – “Ham ‘Em High”

Level 12-12 – look for the gold trophy in the pile of gems, hit the trophy with an Angry Bird to get the egg.

Level 13-10 – making the playing screen smaller and look in the background clouds.

Level 13-12 – find the egg hidden in the big hill.

Level 14-4 – Look to the right of the cliff to find the egg.

AngryBirds Episode -- “Mine and Dine”

15-12 – Look on the ledge on top of the wood blocks. You will find the hidden golden-egg.

16-9 – Inside the cave near the ceiling one is hidden. You will have to make the screen smaller by zooming out to see it. Hit the egg to collect it.

17-12 – See the treasure chest just above the ledges in the cave, it is basically in the center of the screen. Hit the treasure chest with an Angry Bird and complete the level.

Have fun collecting your Golden Eggs and destroying those thieven’, evil, green pigs along the way. If you’ve finished all of the AngryBirds levels on your iPad, iPhone, iTouch, smart phone, tablet including the Kindle Fire, or computer, consider going back and trying to get three stars for each level. It is difficult, but adds a whole, new dimension to the AngryBirds game.