I have got to say of all the apps, for all the devices none has even come close to angry birds as far as marketing is concerned. For a game that isn't even all that original in design. In fact some of the earliest games made for web browsers where bow and arrow style games where you line it up and adjust your power and launch. Heck even football games and baseball games are all about that same principle. Or even if you ever played paper football it's all the same principle.  These guys are marketing geniuses they have embedded that game so deep into american culture it is just astounding. Not to mention the game isn't even that great. However, that hasn't stopped them from pushing it on every medium known to man. I can't count the number of television shows i've seen them selling it on.

Well now it has physically manifested into the real world. No longer do you have to tap on your iphone or ipad. You can now construct your own towers made from some fake wood and launch your angry birds and  at it.  The game comes with cards for designs of different structures you make, and then launch an angry bird at it in an attempt to knock it down. It's for 2 to 4 players and ages 5 and up.

Honestly, I'm not all that mad at the creators of the game, they are geniuses. It's just an overall all to familiar feeling of disappointment at the american people who keep eating up this same old drivel.  We are force feed culture and coolness and we keep asking for second helpings, and enabling those in charge. You can say it's just a game, and that I should calm down and you are very right.  Honestly, I guess i'm a little jealous that i'm not the rich puppet master pulling all the strings. But it would be nice to return to a golden era where products succeeded on their own merits and word of mouth rather than the overhyped culture machine that is modern advertising.