Angular Cheilitis Cure (20797)

Angular Cheitlitis is typically a fungal bacterial infection. If this is the source of your cracked mouth corners, then first try an antifungal cream as your first Angular Cheilitis Cure.

Bacterial fungal infections are usually the cause of the unsightly and painful mouth corner sores associated with the affliction and antifungal creams are among the most effective angular cheilitis cures around. In order to get the best results from the cream, make sure that you do the following:

1. Read the instructions that are either on the box or in the package carefully to get the best results. These creams can be very effective as a treatment for Angular Cheilitis, but he instructions must be followed as closely as possible in order to get the best and fastest results.

2. Apply the cream after you eat a meal rather than before as this will minimize the likelihood of you ingesting the cream. The antifungal cream is a topical cream and not meant to be eaten. The cream is not a natural cure for angular cheilitis, and therefore contains chemicals that are harmful if ingested.

3. If you wear dentures, you will need to make sure that they fit properly, as poorly fitting or no dentures often contribute to moisture accumulation in the folds of the mouth where the infection is entrenched.

4. Besides the antifungal cream, there are additional angular cheilitis cures that are useful in treating the painful and embarrassing condition. The most effective treatment will depend on the precise cause of the mouth corner lesions.

The antifungal cream treatment will only be effective if the cause for your corner of mouth cracks is a fungal bacterial infection, and then the relief will probably be only temporary. There is, however, an online all natural Angular Cheilitis Cure that works within twenty four hours to get rid of the repulsive looking symptoms permanently.

Sometimes, the cause of Angular Cheilitis can be a vitamin deficiency, particularly the B vitamins, then, the deficiency would need to be eliminated using vitamin supplements. However, the most common cause of the disease is the Candida fungus. This fungus needs a constant moisture supply in order to thrive and grow.

Moisture can be provided to the mouth corners for several different reasons including poor fitting dentures, sleep drooling, and believe it or not lip licking. In fact, lip licking is probably one of the major culprits as a causative agent for Angular Chelitis.

Children and people who work outside are more susceptible to the awful looking facial skin condition because they are apt to get over exposure to the sun's rays, harsh weather, and wind than people who stay inside most of the time. This over exposure to the elements causes chapped lips and chapped lips causes people to lick the lips in order to sooth them.

So, as you can see, the most common cause of the affliction is a fungal bacterial infection which can be quickly eliminated using an online at-home Angular Cheilitis Cure that works by simply depriving the fungus of moisture; once it loses its moisture supply, it just dries up and goes away.