Whether you are male or female, there is nothing more alluring than a beautiful healthy smile, and there is nothing quite as unwholesome looking as a person suffering with Angular Cheilitis, a skin condition, which calls for an immediate Angular Cheilitis Cure.

This ugly looking facial skin condition manifests itself as cracked mouth corners. They start out as something that looks and feels like a allergic rash, but the rash soon turns to tiny splits that resemble paper cuts, and then before you know it the little splits have progressed on to the full blown symptoms of deep, red, swollen, crusty, and bleeding cracks in the corners of the mouth. In severe cases, the cracks become infected and ooze puss.

The affliction is usually caused by an overgrowth of the candida fungus accompanied by a rich moisture supply to the lip corners, however it can also have other less common causes including vitamin deficiencies. If the cause is a fungal infection and it most often is, then the cure for Angular Cheilitis is a very quick acting natural home remedy.

Most people don't know about this alternative solution to their repulsive looking and painful condition so they resort to over the counter creams and ointments in hopes that they will bring about a cure for their humiliating problem. Unfortunately, the OTC route gives the fungus time to entrench and grow worse.

After seeing that that drug store shelves offer nothing to heal their cracked mouth corners, sufferers then seek the help of their primary care giver who typically gives them a script for hydrocortisone cream. Some people use several tubes of this gooey cream before they realize that it isn't going to help either.

The trick to healing Angular Cheiltitis caused by candida is to isolate the crusty cracks from their moisture supply. Once the fungus is denied moisture, it just simply dries up and goes away. There are several good recipes on the Internet that use common ingredients found around most kitchens and bathrooms.

I personally endured Angular Cheilitis for three long horrible years before I discovered this natural cure for Angular Cheilitis. My mouth corner sores started to heal within a few short hours, and within 24 hours the skin around my lip corners and mouth had returned to normal. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed since I had almost given up hope of ever being cured.