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Animal attack lawsuits funds are given to those who have been attacked by an animal. One is provided with a lawsuit settlement funding as they wait out for the duration of the animal attack lawsuit until they receive a fair settlement.

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Animal attacks and dog bites are becoming more and more prevalent these days, sadly some people die.  They occur anywhere, from zoos, to the street, to a neighbor's back yard, and even in one’s own home.  The injuries one sustains can be extensive, and the damage can unfortunately be permanent. The deep bruising, abrasions, bone breakage, and loss of motor function are all possible in the course of the animal attack. The cost of the treatment and managing injury can be very expensive. This can have substantial financial impact on the family.

Owner’s Liability

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The animal owners are liable for their pet’s actions. Most especially if that pet is a wild animal or a dog that is included in the dangerous dog breeds list. The law for many countries states that homeowners and owners are to be held liable for pet attacks, which result to injuries to people who have a reason to be in the home; especially if it can be proven that the attack was unprovoked. This may include people the homeowner invites into their home socially or on business.

The owner is always responsible for taking action to ensure the other parties are safe from the pet. In case they do not do that they may be slapped with an animal attack lawsuit case. If one has been a victim of an animal attack such as dog biting, they can hold the animal owner liable for the injuries incurred. If the owner of the animal that attacked and injured a person has home owners insurance, then the coverage can kick in to pay for the damages.

Setting up an Animal Attack Lawsuit


Depending on the place where the incident occurred, some dogs may be considered dangerous breeds. These breeds may include German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls or Mixed breed, Labradors, Wolf Dogs, Malamutes, Chow, Great Danes and St. Bernard. Even if the dog is not included in the dangerous breeds list, one still can claim for damages.

Here are some instances that show the homeowners or animal owner’s liability:                      

- If the homeowner failed to provide the pet with proper training of not attacking people.

- If the attack was unprovoked. There is always a difference between filing a lawsuit case for an unprovoked attack and a lawsuit involving children throwing stones at a dog or a burglar entering the premises.

- If the owner failed to tie it somewhere, to prevent it from getting outside the house.

-If the homeowner failed to control the pet’s violent behavior, or did actions that made it worse. The Liability can be proven by showing that the owner knew about the animal’s violent behaviors and failed to act upon them.

- If the owner failed to post appropriate warnings regarding the presence of the dog or other pet such as putting up a board “Beware of Dog” signs.

When one is bitten, mauled and attacked by an animal, they should:

- Seek immediate medical attention, going to a doctor or to the emergency room for immediate treatment. One should secure the doctor’s reports regarding the injuries.

- One should secure the contact information of the animal’s owner.

- Report the incident to the authorities immediately. Filing a report of what happened at the time of the attack.

- Take photos of the injuries, as well as the animal so as to have proof

One should also seek to be represented by a lawyer who will help one file for the lawsuit. He/she will help one seek compensation for:

- Medical expenses for treating the injuries which result from the animal attack. These will include both past, ongoing and future expenses that one will incur.

-Any out of pocket expenses for the treatment of the injuries.

- Cost of any counseling or physical therapy that may be needed after the attack.

- Any Loss of wages, which may result to not going to work because of the injuries.

Getting Help for Lawsuit Funding

If one can get a reasonable and acceptable settlement from the homeowner’s insurance company, and with the advice of one’s lawyer, it may be advisable to take the settlement. However, if one needs to fight it out in court just to get the compensation that they are due, one may be in for a time-consuming process. Insurance companies have a lot of legal manpower and they’d rather have the money sitting in the bank and thus will try to delay the settlement of the matter.  They would rather hold on to the money until they are legally required to pay the person.

While one is filing for the lawsuit or waiting for it to be decided upon and settled. One may need financial help. Ones lawyer cannot help one by giving them a loan. This is prohibited by law as this creates a creditor-debtor relationship with one and is considered a conflict of interest.

Lawsuit Funding


Animal attack Lawsuit funding may be the answer. One should be aware that lawsuit funding is not a loan. It is funding given based on ones case and not on the capacity to pay based on your employment or your credit records. In the case of dog bites or animal attacks, it is easier to get funding if the owner you are claiming the damages against has homeowner’s insurance.

There are many animal attack lawsuit lenders. They can give one pre-settlement funding for dog bites and animal attacks, as well as other personal injury cases. They have a simple application process that does not require a lot of paperwork. An individual just needs to contact them and discuss the details of what happened to them. Then, they will work with ones lawyer to evaluate the possibility of lawsuit funding. Then, if one is found to be eligible, the singing of the papers will follow with ones lawyer. Then the funds will be given


 There is no reason for one to suffer financially while they wait for the person or people responsible to give them their settlement check. Animal attack Lawsuit funds lenders will give one the money they need to maintain their lifestyle until the case has been resolved. So if one gets themselves in this situation of being attacked by animal. They should follow this process and apply for the funds.