Animal bracelets are fashionable rubber bands in different animal shapes that are worn by kids, and young adults. It is made of a non toxic, 100% lead free and silicone material. Therefore it is absolutely safe for children or even adults to use. As it is a silicone product, if it is stretched, bent or twisted, it will go back to its original shape. It also brightly colored to make it more attractive. If you have not heard of this yet, then you don't know what you are missing! Everyone is talking about the latest trend when it comes to childrens' accessories that are taking the world by storm. Children of all ages are going crazy over these collectible bracelets.

Aside from Silly Bandz, that made animal bands popular, there are other companies that have caught on to this craze and are now making their own brands of it such as Crazy Bands, Zany Bands, Bama Bands and many other companies are marketing them under various generic terms - animal bands, rubber band animals, animal bracelets, etc. Children collect, wear, share, trade and generally create a trend out of these little rubber bands. Aside from animal shapes, there are many other shapes to choose from. There are alphabet letters, basic shapes, princess motif and many more. My favorite are the dinosaur bands. There are bands even themed according to the season such as Christmas, Halloween or spring. Since it's very fashionable, most kids don't wear just one silly band. They usually wear a bunch of it which looks realy cool and colorful.

Although these are bracelets, that doesn't limit their functions. It can be used as an anklet, as you might imagine. You can also make a necklace out of them if you daisy chain them together. These little bands makes perfect hair ties as well. It doesn't stretch out of shape so it will last longer than normal hair ties and are much colorful. Decoration is another way of using these animal bands. Since there are glow in the dark varieties, it would add an glowing scenes of animals and dinosaurs that kids will enjoy. Of course let us not forget the basic function of a normal rubber band which is to keep papers and other thing held together.

In some places these little rubber bracelets are used by parents and teachers as a treat or reward when their kids/student have done a great job. They are used as a reward system in replacement, or in conjunction with the more traditional candy and stickers. These bands are fairly cheap compared to other toys, and unlike the candy or stickers, they are reusable, permanent and collectible.

Those were just few ideas; the list of the things that you can do with it is endless! These animal bracelets have definitely become a sensation, so as this viral popularity shows no signs of slowing down, we just have to our eyes opened for whatever related items that would come out in the near future.