Tub of Dinosaurs


There are a lot of dinosuars figures to choose from when playing The dinosuars themsleves are large enough to handle. They are realistic looking and brightly colored. There are no moveable parts on them but we had fun hanging the raptors by their claws on flower pots. I like that there are accessories.

Part of the fun for my little guy was setting up the plastic mat terrain and postioning the dinosaurs, boulders, trees and volcanoes. I love the fact you can play with this set anywhere. My son has played with his plastic dinosaurs in the backyard, in his room and even in the bathtub. Outside play is fun because you can add some more twigs and rocks to the environment.

The tub itself is a bonus. The tub can be used for storage again and again. The Tub is also see through so you can tell if all the paerts are put away. The biggest selling point about this tub is that it is easy to take with you. This is a great toy set to take to grandma's or even the family reunion.


The mat is the only bad point to this set. It is just a sheet of plastic that you lay down on the floor. The plastic is not very durable and very light. If outside it will easily blow away. My son does not use it when out doors and just arranges his dinosaurs.

Full Review

If you are looking for a great gift for a little one this Holiday Season may I suggest the Animal Planets Big Tub of Dinosaurs. The plastic dinosaurs come in a sturdy see through tub with handels on the side for eaasy carrying. Inside this tub is a plethera of dinosuars. Brontosaurus, T Rex, Triceratops, raptors and even a couple of teradactyls. Not only are there good sized plastic figures in the tub, but there is also a plastic terrain to place down in the ground. The terrain has water and rocks painted on it. If this was not enough there are also plastic bolders, trees and a couple of volcanoes. This set is enough to stimulate the imagination of any dinosaur lover!

In Closing

You can't go wrong with a tub of plastic animals. It doesn't matter what kind of animals they are. One child and one tub of dinosaurs equals an afternoon of fun. You might be surprised to find yourself on the floor playing dinosaurs too.