If you're looking to adopt a sheltered pet in the Boise, Idaho area, these animal shelters in Boise are exactly what you need. Not only are they excited to match new owners and pets, but they can walk you through the trials and tribulations of pet ownership regardless of if this is your first pet or you've had plenty in your lifetime.

Another nice advantage of some of these Boise animal shelters is that they provide most or all of the shots and immunizations your new family member will need, and will even offer discounts on follow up shots, if necessary. Most will even spay or neuter the animal before it leaves at no cost to the adoptive "parents."

A List Of Animal Shelters In Boise

Idaho Humane Society In Boise

  • AnimalShelter.org, or
  • IdahoHumaneSociety.org
  • 342-3508

Animals In Distress, Inc.

  • IdahoWildlifeRescure.org
  • 367-1026

Simply Cats

  • SimplyCats.org
  • 343-7177

Dog Rescue

  • AdoptAPet.com

I NAC Northwest Animal Companions

  • NACRescue.org

Meridian Valley Humane Society

  • MeridianValleyHumaneSociety.com
  • 794-0944

Canyon County Animal Shelter

  • CanyonCountyShelter.org
  • 455-5920

What Kind Of Pets Are At Animal Shelters In Boise?

Dogs, cats, birds, lizards, ferrets... you name it, you'll probably find it at one of these animal shelters. However, it should be noted that most of these organizations specialize in one or two types of pets, so if you're looking for, say, a bird, you might want to ask upfront before driving all the way out there. Most focus on dogs and cats, simply because those two make up the bulk of the pet population of Idaho.

But most of these shelters have plenty of animals, regardless of what types they are. So you shouldn't have any trouble finding your next pet.

Donate To These Boise Animal Shelters

Almost all animal shelters in Boise are non-profit organizations, and are always looking for financial donations. The good news is that these are almost always tax deductible, so you can not only help out some pets in need, but also get a little relief from the tax man while you're at it (check with the shelter and a tax professional before assuming this will work in your individual situation).

Of course you can also volunteer your time rather than your money. The dogs and cats that end up in these animal shelters can use a friendly face, someone to pay them some attention while they wait for their new owners. What a better way to spend a few hours of your time than petting, playing or simply sitting with an animal that's awaiting adoption? Check with some of these animal shelters and see how you can help out.

What Is An Animal Shelter?

If you're unfamiliar with the term "Animal Shelter," don't feel bad, it's a relatively new phrase that simply means a place where stray or unwanted animals are taken to await new owners. You've probably heard the older phrase "The Pound" or even "Dog Pound." There is no "Boise Pound" per se, because most places have adopted the term "Animal Shelter" instead. And honestly, I can't explain the change in linguistics; just know that "pound" and "animal shelter" are synonymous, at least in Boise, Idaho.