If you love tea, and would like to show off something a little different in your kitchen, then consider the animal tea kettle. 

These are kettles that have been designed after animals from the wild kingdom!  They make unique decorations in the kitchen and yet are totally usable.  This would make a bold statement in your kitchen and definitely would be a conversation piece.

Many people collect tea pots and tea kettles, and this would become a collectible.  If you leave yours on the stove, then why not make it part of the decor?

This particular one is of a giraffe, and it is made from good quality products (enamel on steel) and will stand the test of time.  It can be used over most heat sources, such as electric, gas, or ceramic and more.  It has enamel over steel on the inside as well as the outside, which resists hard water staining.

You can get these in other animal shapes, such as a rooster, pig and more.  But this giraffe is my favourite as it just looks bright and cheerful. 

Why make tea boring?  Something a little different like this, is sure to put a smile on your face when you go to make tea or coffee.  It makes such a cheerful change from that plain one.

These animal tea kettles also make great gifts for anyone in your family or circle of friends that loves to make tea or hot drinks.  Next time you are at their house, check out their kettle.  Many people don't replace that poor tired looking kettle, and if it sits on the stove all the Animal Tea Kettletime it can look pretty ugly.

So why not get them some useable art?

Tea kettles come in all different shapes and sizes.  You can get sleek looking electric ones for that modern kitchen, you can also get microwave teapots that don't need a stove or electrical outlet at all, and you can get simple plain kettles to use on top of the stove, such as the whistling tea kettle.

Animal Tea Kettle

But if you like to add a bit of whimsy to your kitchen, then consider something other than the plain ones you can get anywhere and get yourself an animal kettle, or get one for a gift. 

You can get these at most kitchen supply stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon. 

For great tasting tea, try and keep your kettle free from hard water build up.  If you can't use filtered water then at least boil one part vinegar with one part water in the kettle every so often to keep the inside clean and free of that hard water buildup and stains.

With the enamel on the inside of this kettle it will resist hard water stains longer. 

These animal pattern tea kettles are a creative way to add fun to tea or coffee making especially first thing in the morning.  Consider the plain old kettle when you are decorating your kitchen, it can become part of the decor.