This list of animals is great for when you want to teach your children about all the different animals of the world.  From A to Z you can learn the different animal’s names and a few facts about them.



Aardvark: Aardvarks are from Africa and are known as the ant eater.  They are great at digging which makes it easy for them to find ants and other termites.  Aardvarks will dig themselves a new hole nightly to sleep in.


Bear: There are so many different types of bear in the world.  Polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear and panda bear are just a few.


Cat: A cat is a friendly, furry and cuddly pet that many families own.  They are very self sufficient and can be left for a few days alone while on vacation.


Dog: A dog is a man’s best friend.  Different sizes and species can be found as pets throughout the world.


Elephant: Elephants are large mammals originally from Africa.  They are known as the largest and heaviest land animals.  When a baby elephant is born they can weigh up to 260 pounds.


Fish: Fish are one of the most easiest pets to take water.  As long as you feed him and change his water often, most of them are pretty hardy.


Gorilla: The DNA of a gorilla is very similar to a human.  Their appearance and actions are what make the gorilla and human so much alike.  Gorillas have a large appetite but rarely drink any liquids.  The liquid that is in their food is enough to keep them hydrated.


Hamsters: These are neat little pets that are originally from Syria.  These small pets can store nuts and fruit in their cheeks.  Their cheek pouches lead from the front of their both all the way back to their shoulders.  Hamsters enjoy nibbling on wood and running around in their wheel.


Iguana: These types of lizards are very popular out in the Caribbean.  Iguanas are mainly green with scales throughout their bodies.


Jackrabbit: Jackrabbits have very long ears to keep them alert and ready for any predators that may attack.  These rabbits have long legs which can make them run up to 40 miles per hour.


Kangaroo: Kangaroos are very common in Australia.  They get around by hoping on their back legs while they balance using their tail.  Their diet consists are brushes and shrubs.  When they have babies, the baby kangaroo is called a joey and is kept in the front pouch of the mother.


Lion: A lion is a strong and mighty animal that has a long coat and a furry mane.  Lions can be very dangerous so it is important not to get to close to them.  Usually the female lions hunt for food while the males protect the area.  Wild lions take on large animals such as zebras, buffalo, hippos, giraffe, rhino and elephant for their meals.


Mice: These small furry creatures with beady eyes can be disgusting to some yet very cute to others.  Many people keep mice as a pet and others trap them in their house.


Newts: Newts are fun pets that one can keep in an aquarium.  This amphibian is part of the salamander family and is a very slimy creature.


Octopus: These sea creatures are very interesting to look at since they have four pairs of arms which have suction cup like texture at the end of them.  Octopus’ do not live for a very long time.  Most of them only live up to about a year.


Pelicans: These birds have deep pouched bills that can scoop up many fish in a hurry.  Pelicans have webbed feet which make them excellent swimmers.


Quail: This bird is part of the pheasant family.  Quail will eat both seeds and insects.  They have been known to be able to fly long distances to get to their destination.  


Raccoon: Raccoon are great climbers in the wild and have even been known to sleep in trees.  These animals are known as bandits with the rings around their eyes.  They have also been known to get into people’s garbage.


Squirrels: To some these animals are a nuisance and to others they are good eating.  Many families trap squirrels and cook them for their meal.  Squirrels are very active during the summer and they are out finding food lots of food during the fall to prepare for the cold winter.  While squirrels don’t hibernate during the winter, they may not come out of their nests for days because of the severe cold.


Turkey: These birds are most popular for Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey are seen roaming fields in the wild and make the sound “gobble gobble”.  A neat fact about turkeys is that when they become excited their heads change colors.


Unicorn: While these horses are only exist in our fantasy world, it is still fun to pretend.  These majestic white horses with a horn on its forehead are beautiful.


Viper: These snakes are very dangerous and venomous.  These snakes have long fangs that can penetrate deep to inject the venom.  Staying out of areas where these snakes are popular is recommended.  


Wildebeest: Wildebeest can grow 4 feet and could weigh up to 600 pounds.  This is a heavy and dangerous animal to be around.  The name wildebeest came from the name wild cattle.

X-Ray Fish: The X-Ray Fish is a very interesting type of fish as you can see all the way through it.  This is a neat way to see the anatomy of a fish up close and personal.  This species is one of the most hardy and will live in many different types of water make up.


Yak: Yaks have very long hair and are found in the Himalayans.  Wild yaks can form herds up to 30 in the hills and mountains.


Zebra: Of course zebras are known for their black and white stripes.  The question is, are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?  One will never know.  Depending on the type of zebra they may live in grassy areas, woodlands, mountains and savannas.