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There are millions of animals for adoption in shelters around the world. If you are interested in adopting a pet, you should consider rescue puppies. There are a millions of sites on pet adoption. You can even consider wild animals for adoption. If you can't have pets for medical reasons or other personal reasons, but want to 'do your part' you can also consider donating to charities that help animals or wild animal adoption.


Why Adopt?

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There are countless reasons to rescue puppies. One important one is that animal shelters are overcrowded. This means that dogs that are not adopted are unfortunately and heartbreakingly euthanized or put to sleep. If you decide to adopt instead of buying a pet from a store or breeder, then you are saving a life. Many times, the animals from pet stores can come from puppy mills. These are places that keep animals only for breeding and a profit with little care for the animal's wellbeing.


Some people are afraid that all animals that are in an animal shelter have been abused or abandoned and may be aggressive to humans. Although, this is a definite possibility, I can tell you from personal experience that this is not always the case. My first dog and cat when I was a child were both adopted from animal shelters. We suspected that my dog has been mistreated in the past because we could not pick him up without being snapped at, but other than that we got along great for over 13 years until he passed away. Even today, five of my six dogs and cats were adopted from the street or an animal shelter. Let me tell you, they are the most loving, affectionate and protective animals that I have known. I could say that they are even more so than the pure breeds that I've 'owned', even though I loved them all dearly.


Animal Adoption Agencies

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There are animal adoption agencies around the world. If you are interested in looking for one in your area, try talking to local veterinarians. Usually they will have information about dogs for adoption and animals for adoption. Most of the time animal adoption agencies, animal shelters and charities or associations dedicated to helping animals will have websites. You can try doing an online search for your area as well.


The next step would be to visit the shelter or agency and take a look at the animals. Then you will be surrounded by potentials. When you decide on a pet to take home, you should consider taking him or her to your own veterinarian for a check-up, just to make sure. Usually there are vets associated with the shelter, but it's always good to be on the safe side. Your new pup or kitty will also probably have been recently de-wormed and vaccinated and probably castrated.


Wild Animal Adoption

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Some people may be interested in adopting wild animals. This is not advisable. Wild animals usually do not get on well in captivity. On top of this, they may be aggressive to humans and seriously hurt their handlers or someone else. Unfortunately, animal trafficking is big business in the world, leading to endangered species and the death of many animals.


Final Thoughts


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Say "no" to animal trafficking, wild animal adoption and puppy mills. Remember, there are millions of domesticated dogs and cats out there just waiting for a home. Visit your local animal shelters where you will find plenty of animals for adoption.