Dream Interpretations

Dreams about animals most often symbolize our instinctive or primal urges such as the most basic feelings such as anger and aggregation, fear and modesty, sexuality and reaction to pressing or current situations in our lives. Whether the animal is old or young, male or female, domestic or wild often affects what they symbolize. Rarely does dreaming of an animal foretell future events. Typically dream animals reflect inner feelings, such as urges and desires


Interpreting the meaning of an animal in a dream can be a complex task. Occasionally the meaning can be quite literal. A person’s feelings about a particular animal shape the interpretation that should be applied. Amicable feelings towards an animal generally signify a positive meaning; negative feelings towards an animal reflect negatively.


A bear in a dream typically symbolizes an overbearing nature.  A female bear in a dream usually represents a mother or maternal figure. Alternatively a male bear may represent a father figure. A Single bear in a dream may represent independence or a longing for independence.


Cats appearing in dreams may have a number of meanings depending on the dreamer’s gender and the type of cat. A domestic cat would represent something different than that of a wild cat (i.e. big cat). For instance a lion would symbolize something different than the same dream involving a house cat.   Femininity or traits that are stereotypically feminine are especially represented by domestic cats. Both domestic and big cats may represent secretively or things that are hidden as well as sexuality. Big cats or wild cats usually symbolize elements of strength, and cunning. The presence of lions and tigers usually suggest physical strength unless the animal is hurt or represented as unable to roar, this could symbolize overcoming obstacles or coming of age. Additionally big cats may represent anger, assertiveness, or speed.


Most often dreaming of dogs represents caring. A dog or dogs in a dream natural emotions that have been hidden or suppressed but can resurface at anytime, most often this emotion is anger. A black dog can represent fear of something such as death or sadness in general.


Frogs represent a transformation of one’s self or a personal metamorphosis. More specifically frogs represent hidden qualities within us that we may tend to retreat from but that pose to better or improve our lives if properly acted upon.


Primarily horses symbolize male sexuality or sexual drive. Dreams involving horses are typically positive however a common dream is for one to dream that that they are falling off of a horse. This symbolizes inner turmoil with one’s desires.

Monkeys, Gorillas or other Primates

A primate in a dream usually has something to do with impulsiveness, self-gratifying behavior or disregard for other’s needs. Primates my also reflect child like behavior such as playfulness, silliness and mimicry. A primate with gray hair may represent wisdom.


Pigs represent wild and untamed wants and needs. A pig in your dream may also suggest a turn from spirituality or inappropriate behavior.

Keep in mind that the more common the animal the simpler it might be to interpret what the animal means in relation to your dream. More exotic animals might symbolize less common or less obvious feeling of the dreamer. The most interesting thing to remember is once one becomes more familiar with interpreting the meaning of the dreams the easier and more accurate it becomes.