Animated Christmas decorations are part of what makes the holidays so magical. From indoor animated figurines to outdoor twinkling yard lights, they bring your home to life. The festive air they create is beloved by family and friends of all generations, making them a favorite for the holidays. Discover more about this fun Christmas decor below. You'll see some of the varieties and get an idea of their prices.

Animated Christmas Decorations: Motion + Light = Christmas Joy

Department 56 Christmas Lane Series Animated Snow Village, Santa's Wonderland HouseIt's a simple equation. Give a Christmas decoration the ability to move and add in some twinkling lights, and you've got yourself a holiday favorite in the making. Animated Christmas decorations are one of the most loved things about the holidays. Many families spare no cost in making their yards and indoor spaces alive with the spirit of the holidays. They add a sense of magical wonder to the home - great for kids and enjoyed, too, by adults of all ages.

Christmas Cheeks Animated Plush Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Because of their popularity, they also tend to get bought up pretty quickly at holiday time. If you're on the market for animated decorations and have your eye on one of the many great styles, don't hesitate for too long. Sell outs and long wait times for deliveries are not uncommon. It's best to purchase as early as you can to guarantee the most choice. This is a case where off-season buying makes a lot of sense.

Animated Christmas Decoration Varieties

There's a wide variety of animated Christmas decorations to choose from, and they run the range of small and subtle to big and brassy. You can start small with pulsating Christmas fairy lights and shooting star icicle lights. These can be used indoors and out and typically have multiple motion lighting settings, including pulsating, flickering, and flowing patterns.


A step up from there are indoor animated figurines and ornaments, sculpted Christmas landscapes featuring animated lighting and electric toy trains, and stuffed animated toys with motion sensors. These all add a lot of fun to your indoor Christmas decor, and even a bit of surprise. There's many that not only move and light up, but also play music and sense when someone has entered the space. Your guests can be greeted to a magical moment where your animated Christmas decorations come to life seemingly on their own!

At the top of the animated Christmas decoration pyramid are the outdoor Christmas yard decorations. These are often the show-stoppers. The ones that draw the crowds. They range from incredible feats of pulsating fairy lights to Christmas icons like snowmen bowing to passers-by. Going all out on these decorations has become a holiday tradition for many families. There are some instances, like the video below, where the animated decorations are beyond eye-catching, they're awe-inspiring. 

Animated Christmas Decoration Prices

With the many styles to choose from, you'll certainly find the right decorations at the right price for you and your home. Animated fairy light sets normally cost between a very budget-friendly $5 and $10 per strand of 100 lights. Indoor animated decorations can go from $20 to $30 for an animated Christmas stuffed toy to $100+ for the more highly designed and intricate figurines and landscapes. Yard decorations range from $50 for some twinkle-lighted animated figures to above $200 for the more show-stopping scenes.

However you want to decorate for the holidays, there are animated Christmas decorations that fit the bill. You can go as subtle or brassy as you want, but no matter what, they add a lot of life and magic to the season. You can bet your family and friends will take notice.