Recommended kids movies for a movie night the whole family will enjoy.

Despicable Me DVD

Here are our family's 5 favorite movies for kids. We have watched these multiple times with our kids and they are the ones that really caught all of our attention. By consulting a list of recommended kids movies you can hopefully avoid those movie nights where the kids wander off bored half way through and you are left alone wondering why you are still watching. One of these fantastic movies would be a wonderful way to pass some time on a rainy afternoon or when the kids are under the weather.

Fly me to the moon. Available on Netflix and DVD, this movie surprised us. Our kids, who were 2 and 4 years old at the time, really enjoyed this tale about flies who dream of going to the moon and hitch a ride on a space shuttle. The animation is not of the highest quality but the kids were so enthralled they did not even notice. They have asked to watch it again many times. We give this movie 7/10

Despicable Me. Available on DVD, this movie had the whole family laughing out loud. It has something for everyone, complex characters you care about, action and hilarity. A story about an evil criminal mastermind who, despite all his efforts to resist, falls in love with orphaned sisters and gives them a home. We enjoyed this movie immensely and watched it a few times in the week we had the DVD. I would consider buying this DVD. We give this movie 9/10

Ponyo. Available on Netflix and DVD. Adapted by Disney from a Japanese tale about a little boy who falls in love with a fish, this movie is visually breathtaking. It is dramatic, funny, heart warming, and the music is catchy too. We have watched this over and over. We give this movie 9/10

Dragon Hunters (2008). Available on Netflix and DVD. Another feast for the eyes, the animation is high quality, the images beautiful and imaginative.  One of the main characters is a brave girl who dreams of being a dragon hunter. Kids can get so hung up on stereotypes so this really appeals. The movie has some scarier scenes but our 3.5 year old and 5.5 year old were fine. It would probably suit 5 years up best of all. We give this movie 8/10

The Princess and the Frog. Available on Netflix and DVD. A fun and heart warming story set in beautiful old New Orléans. There is plenty to enjoy for both boys and girls. The movie is set to fantastic New Orléans jazz and is more than your traditional Disney love story. The "princess" is a regular young woman who works had for her success. This movie has some scarier moments, children under 5 could find it too much. We give this movie 7/10.

We have watched many of the most successful animated movies for kids and found that just because they did well in the box office, they won't necessarily capture our children's imaginations. Whilst they enjoyed Finding Nemo, all the Toy Stories, Tangled, A Bugs Life, Kung Fu Panda, Surf's Up and Bolt to name a few, they haven't asked to watch them again. Every child enjoys different things of course but I highly recommend the above movies.