It's hard to go online today without encountering two terms: anime and MMORPG. Anime refers to an easily recognized style of Japanese animation. MMORPGs, short for massively multiplayer online role playing games, are games in which you can interact as another character in a world full of players just like you.

It's not surprise that some companies are choosing to combine these two popular media forms. There are a lot more anime MMORPG games being introduced from all over the world. The simpler style of drawing can help some games tax systems less than a fully rendered MMORPG might, and anime MMORPGs can also tie in to popular franchises.

Here are just a few examples that will help you pick the best anime MMORPG for you to play.

1. Final Fantasy XII. This is the twelfth in Square-Enixes immensely popular line of RPGs. This time, they've decided to go with an anime MMORPG. There are versions available for both the PC and PS2, meaning that almost anyone can play.

Both gamers who love MMORPG games and devout players of the series have gotten onboard. Characters have been designed by the famous Akihiko Yoshida, who's also known for his work on Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Advance.

This game is helping the Final Fantasy series remain one of the most popular in North America, a place it has help since Final Fantasy VII was released for the original Playstation.

2. Ragnorok online is one of the most original anime MMORPG offerings available. It features characters rendered in what's referred to as the "super deformed" style that's used in a lot of manga (comic books) and anime cartoons.

These characters have large, wide eyes, no visible nose or mouth, and tiny limbs. This great anime MMORPG is offered for free, and doesn't tax system resources for most users, meaning it's easy to get started.

3. Priston Tales Online. This game uses a similar art style to that of Ragnorok Online, but all characters and the world in which they interact are 3d rendered. This is unusual, since most rendered games try for a kind of realism. Priston Tales Online has instead chosen to stay true to its roots in anime.

4. Ran Online. This game hasn't caught on in North America yet, but it has swept through Asia. This game uses an anime style like that found in shows such as Dlam Dunk and Yu Yu Hakasho. It operates in a school environment, rather than the fantasy or science fiction worlds of most MMORPGs. This allows you to create complex rivalries between schools and engage in PvP combat.

5. MU Online. This game has been called a cross between a Diablo game and an anime. It features the usual art style you'd expect to see in Japanese cartoon, but put the emphasis on action and combat. This anime MMORPG game plays a lot like a fast action episode of one of your favorite anime shows.