Anime is renowned by not anime fans as being all tentacles and general weirdness. Sure, there is a lot of that, but true anime fans that tentacles and other assaulting monsters is rather shallow in the deep rabbit hole of anime weirdness. Anime can be about anything, in a very literal sense of the word. Anything goes.  There is no denying the minds behind anime are some of the most creative and inventive minds on the planet, so let's take a stroll down crazy weird lane.

sleeping with hinako

Sleeping with Hinako

While it sounds dirty, it is actually quite the innocent anime. Sleeping with Hinako spawns off of a popular anime called Training with Hinako. It is obvious that eventually they would make an anime that was essentially an exercise tape. However, Sleeping with Hinako is just what it says. The point of this anime is to have it playing while you are asleep. It is an anime with just the girl Hinako sleeping. This way all those lonely otaku don't have to spend another night alone. It's more sad, than strange though.

samurai pizza cats

Samurai Pizza Cats

Samurai Pizza Cats! Oh yeah! Samurai Pizza Cats is essentially Japan's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the opening theme even makes a little jab at this as well. It is essentially about some cats, who are also samurai, that work at a pizza place and deliver pizzas. Of course, they would not be complete with their power ranger-esque battle gear either. It is also probably the best thing ever created.



Moyashimon is about microbes. Microbes that have cognitive abilities and can chat with us. Well, not everyone. Moyashimon follows the story of a young college lad who can see and communicate with microbes. What is truly sad about this anime, is that it is supposed to be somewhat educational, but the microbes, even blown up so you seen them, look nothing like their smaller, insentient real life parallels. Besides that, certainly the ability to see the sheer mass of germs, not mention variety of them, around us would drive a normal person crazy. I mean, unless you want to be best friends with syphilis or something.



The title literally translates into "Mr. Poo", not Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, a regular one. Well, actually the story centers around the poo fairy that lives in a place called lucky island. He goes around bringing all sorts of good fortune to all his poo friends. I've never watched Unko-san personally, but I do wonder if it is a show for kids or not. It seems like it should somehow be centered for children, but in Japan, you never know.

Qwaser of Stigmata

Qwaser of Stigmata

This is a relatively new anime that has gathered quite the reputation. The title looks innocent enough, boring even. Lots of lackluster animes have weird titles like that, so it is easy to overlook them. It is the anime premise that really hooks the viewers. Qwaser of Stigmata is about a group of warriors called Qwasers, who have special powers they use to battle each other. A pretty standard plot, as these things go. However, the Qwasers need something to replenish their powers and abilities. They need breast milk.

Yep, you read that right.

You can imagine what there is a lot of in this anime, right?

midori no hibi

Midori No Hibi

Translated into "Midori Days", this anime follows the tale of Seiji, a regular high school kid. He falls into the mood that all young people go through, that of morose loneliness. However, one day, Seiji wakes up to find a tiny woman named Midori has attached herself to his hand. By attached, of course, I mean replaced his hand from the waist up. Again, this plot in most minds would set up for a lot of dirty situations. To non-anime fans, this idea probably seems just so odd, but true anime fans know this is actually somewhat normal in this genre of entertainment.



Japan is infamous for its vending machine. Personally, I have always been jealous of them. Why can't they have cool vending machines that sell things like canned coffee, tea, and juice in America. That is besides the point, though. They have vending machines for normal things like drinks and snacks, and weirder ones for porn and lobsters. However, they still have not perfected a solution to allow prostitution to be sold from a vending machine, not yet anyway. Akikan is about just that, girls that come in cans of either steel or aluminum. Of course, while it sets up the perfect situation for prostitution, the anime is not about that. It is about these girls being released and fighting each other in order to prove who is better—steel or aluminum.

lucky star

Lucky Star

Anime fans everywhere has heard of this title. Love it, hate it, or hate that you love it regardless of their feelings of it, everyone has heard of it. At a glance, this anime is not so star, just a bunch of school girls being strange. However, when you stop and look at it and really examine what the plot is, fans come up angry. Lucky Star is an anime about absolutely nothing. Sure, a lot of slice of life genre animes seem like they are about the average lives of people but there is always some sort of vague plot there somewhere. The kind of talent and imagination it takes to make an anime about nothing is sublime genius. Kind of annoying genius, but genius none-the-less.

BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo

BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo

BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo takes place in the year 2001.5. The Earth has been conquered by the Chrome Dome Empire, who in their diabolical schemes wants to make everyone in the world bald! The horror, no more fluffy bangs, perky pig tails, or bouncy curls! Bo-BoBo, is a golden afro'd hero who through the discipline and power of the Super Fist of the Nose Hair goes on a quest to thwart them. No hero, no matter how hairy, cannot fight this overwhelming evil alone though. He is joined throughout by a colorful cast of sidekicks that even I cannot simply describe with words.