The classic of all classics, Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop tells the adventures and misadventures of Spike (the coolest main character of all time!) and his Buddy Jet, bounty hunters who roam the Solar System in their spaceship, the Bebop, looking for Bounties! If there's one thing that quickly stands off in this anime, is the attention to detail. In every episode you will meet a new character with something unique about it; reach scenarios of huge dimensions and beautifully designed; watch fluid fighting, intense gun action and stunning space dog fights, all with impressive animation; while listening to a melancholic and inspiring epic soundtrack. 

The members of Bebop

Cowboy Bebop adventures and originality never cease to amaze

In spite of following a mission-per-episode pattern, Cowboy Bebop never relly feels monotonous or tedious, because the things Spike and the friends he meets along the way go through, are simply a delight to watch. Its episodic nature and the sometimes awkward manner in which the various stories are told may hurt those who aren't used to a non-continuous narrative. However, there is a main plot in Cowboy Bebop, and that is the story behind the main character Spike and how his past reflects his current character and attitude, which is slowly unveiled. And there is a villain... A cold, ruthless and mysterious man whose past is also connected to Spike's own past.

If some episodes seem to slow down what is one of the greatest executed anime series of all time, you will be missing the point. The stand-alone episodes themselves are fast-paced for the most part and very well-directed, allowing in many of them the exploration of other interesting themes and the development of the other members of the Bebop. You'll find yourself laughing out loud in one scene, and suddenly you'll be watching heavy philosophical content and witnessing deep phenomenal dialogue in the next one. 

Just Spike

Many still consider Cowboy Bebop the best anime of all time

This series has many layers. You can find crime thrillers, cop thrillers, drama, action, film-noir, mystery, supernatural sci-fi, psychology, surrealism and even parodies among the 26 episodes of Cowboy Bebop. Not to mention some of the most exciting animated episodes you can see on a TV! Plot, characters, enjoyment, entertainment, image, sound and greatness. This space opera is a blender of genres and originality for its time, it's a mixture of artistic beautiful sounds and a colourful dish of various tasty foods. 

If you've never watched Cowboy Bebop, please give it a go, for this is a must see for those who take the anime medium seriously. You will see you have done yourself a favor when you reach episode 5.  

See You Space Cowboy...

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