We Are Love At our Cores

Love Is Our True Nature

Anita Moorjani, a woman who experienced a transformative NDE, along with a spontaneous, complete cancer remission (after her body was riddled all over with malignant tumors), teaches us that spirituality, true spirituality, does not need to be “hard work” or drudgery in any way. 

We are spirit, deep down in our cores, she reminds us repeatedly, in her interviews and her own writings. This is one of the key lessons she learned from her NDE. And naturally, you don’t have to “work” at something if you simply are that something. We cannot help but be spiritual, she assures. All we have to do, she says, is be true to ourselves and keep that fundamental truth that we are in fact spirit uppermost in our minds. 

What does it mean to be true to yourself, to love yourself and to nurture your own spirit? For starters, trust your gut and think before you act. If a potential action feels like it will not be consistent with your values and what matters to you, don’t do it. I remember one time I got some less than stellar customer service from a company, so my (out of line and non spiritually attuned) response was to call a customer service rep at the company and yell.

Now, logically speaking, what did that particular individual have to do with the crummy service I had received? Nothing. Not one thing. What had that poor individual done to suffer my wrath? Once again, nothing! And yet I did it. I went against all of my own personal morals, my own spiritual essence and I did it. 

And I ended up suffering the spiritual consequences of my horrendous behavior for days afterward. I wanted to call and apologize, but I didn’t know the person’s name, so I could not even do that. I had screamed at the nameless, faceless person on the other end of the phone because I had wrongly displaced my anger at the company onto this one poor individual who had nothing to do with the situation.

And I was so angry at myself for such a long period of time afterward, that I understood that even in that moment (though I would not have articulated it this way at the time) I had strayed very, very, very far from my own authentic spiritual nature. I have had other such moments, to be sure, but this one stands out in my mind as a classic out-of-character (or what Anita might term a spiritually inauthentic, not true to my real nature) move.

What’s great is that you can really, really feel it – deep inside your core – when you do something that does not jive or fully align with the person you are really meant to be, spiritually speaking. I mean, I understood within mere moments, that I had really “stepped in it” with that customer representative, and that I had really acted against my own (inherently loving) nature.

And fortunately, I have never behaved that way with a customer rep ever again. (And I don’t think I ever will.) It’s like I scared myself straight, simply because I felt so terrible and so out of sorts afterward. I mean I really felt sick to my stomach about how badly I had behaved.

But I think, looking back, that it is actually a good thing that my behavior made me feel furious with myself and sick to my stomach, and I think it is ultimately good that the nauseated feeling lasted quite literally for days afterward, because I needed that wakeup call about exactly how misaligned with my own spirit that behavior had been. 

In other words, my own physical body was letting me know, in no uncertain terms, just how far I had strayed from my authentic spiritual path, and it wasn’t about to let me get away with that kind of hideous behavior scot-free. If you are open to the signals (and in my case, your authentic self will let you know one way or another if you are being true to yourself in your thoughts and behavior, or if you are straying. So be sure to listen to these useful internal signals and heed them.