Ankle sprains are the most common injuries in sports. Anyone that plays a sport that includes basketball, running, football, volleyball, baseball, or sports where you run on your feet a lot are prone to ankle sprains. An ankle sprain is no picnic of an injury. Anyone who has ever severely turned their ankle has experienced quite a bit of pain, stiffness, and difficulty of walking. Recovery time depends on the severity of the injury. Some ankle injuries can take months, or longer to overcome. Ankle braces for sports are highly recommended for everyone to use.

A good brace will keep extra stability and provide comfort for your ankle. It's always good to keep the liagments protected in any sport activity that you take part in. Sports can be brutal on liagments. Sports athletes often like to wear ankle braces, and knee braces to protect ligaments that provide mobility. Those ligaments are often at the highest risk of injury. Ankle braces can be worn to help prevent sprains, or used for those recovering from any injury. There are quite a few different ankle braces for sports athletes to use. Which one to use depends on the severity of the injury. Down below are some of recommended and best ankle braces for sports athletes to use.

What To Do If I Injured My Ankle?

Ankle injuries are very tricky, and sometimes when you roll one, or twist it you won't always know the severity of the injury right way. If you've ever watched professional sport athletes sprain one, then you might have a general idea of how difficult the injury can be. Sometimes one is able to be mobile right away, but then later on they end up on crutches. You'll never know the severity of the injury until you've been checked out. If you've injured your ankle dip it into a bucket of ice right away. That should help numb the pain and inflammation. Wrap it up, then have someone take you to see a doctor. It might just be a light sprain, but you should definitely get an ankle injury checked out by a doctor just to be safe.

Lace Up Ankle Braces

Lace up ankle braces are recommended for anyone to use. Especially those recovering from a serious and painful injury. Lace up ankle braces keep the entire forefoot, heel, and ankle protected. Most use feature nylon fabrics, usually neoprene for very soft comfort, but durable support. I'd look for neoprene nylon materials in braces since its a pretty strong material that can keep the entire foot protected. Neoprene has a good combination of both comfort and protection. Neoprene is used to make wet suits so it can withstand moisture. Amazon has quite a few recommended lace up ankle braces for football, volleyball, and basketball athletes to use.



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ASO Ankle Braces

ASO is one of the top leaders in selling ankle braces for sports injuries. They got a collection of highly recommended products that include the ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis, and ASO Max Ankle Stabilizer being two of their most popular ankle braces out on the market. One of their best products is the ASO Flex-Hinge Ankle Brace.

This is a pretty expensive product, but it features eight different nylon straps. It is available in numerous sizes for both the left and right foot. It stabilizes the ankle and keeps the ligaments protected. The ASO ankle brace is very easy to move with. Your foot won't feel stiff. You can move your ankle and foot around just like you normally would. You shouldn't have a problem being able to move accordingly to your normal movements. The brace prevents against rolled ankles. It can be worn to prevent injuries or to recover from one.

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Aircast Ankle Braces

For anyone recovering from serious ligament tears they should consider aircast braces. Even if you're not into sports, and you are just looking to make your rehab a bit more pleasurable, then Aircast ankle braces are what you need. The Air-Stirrup ankle brace is design to reduce swelling and provide stability to the ankle. These aren't actually walking braces. These two padded shells known as the Patented Duplex use a velcro closure around the ankle.

However, Aircast also makes good walking braces that integrate around the foot. The Airsport  keeps the entire ankle, shin, and the forefoot protected. The A60 Ankle Supports provides very comfortable prophylactic protection against rolled ankles and sprains as well. It will keep your foot in general much more comfortable. All three are highly recommended ankle braces to consider for your tears, sprains, or just for prevention.

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