Ankle Socks for All Ages

Ankle socks are a practical choice for men and women when comfort is desired. Black, white, and brown ankle socks are perfect for formal outfits, and colorful ankle socks, such as orange, pink, and neon colors make for great casual/informal wear. Girls ankle socks can also come with lace or ruffles, and other standout patterns. There are also toddlers ankle socks and diabetic socks available.

Casual Ankle Socks
Ever since bobby socks or ankle socks rose into fame during the 1940's and 1950's, the demand has been substantial. There are numerous reasons why ankle socks are very much sought after by young teenagers and even adults. One is the material. Ankles socks are commonly made of cotton and spandex which makes the fabric soft and flexible. During cold weather, ankles socks are very much useful for it provides a warm sensation to the users. Second is the texture. Ankle socks are short sized but have a rather thick layer just right above the ankle making it durable to wear. They are often worn with black shoes, sneakers, sandals and semi-formal boots. They are also worn with shorts, skirts cargo shorts and unlike nee high socks, ankle socks do look appropriate for pants.

Although students wear socks as a part of a school uniform, these are mostly knee high socks. At some schools wherein wearing uniforms is not a strict requirement, students can wear ankle socks to profess their own personal expression. Because of this, ankle socks are more popular when worn as casual or stylish clothing. Girls and teenagers are the majority of the customers of ankle socks and they wear them when shopping, walking at parks or just hanging out at a friend's house. Ankle socks are not all plain-colored. There are ankles socks with different designs and colors. There are stripes and checkered and even cut-outs. If you have a smaller feet or a larger feet, make sure that you know your measurements and show them to a saleslady so she can help you find the right ankle socks. Some companies manufacture socks of similar sizes, assuming that since they are elastic, they can fit any feet. In order to assure yourself, try the socks on before buying them. Some shops have different sizes of socks on display that you can try and once you have decided, the saleslady can get a new one for you.

Diabetic Ankle Socks

Suffering from a medical illness can be a very stressing and uncomfortable feeling. There are certain foods that you are not allowed to eat and there are also certain activities that you cannot participate in. If you have diabetes, there is always a risk of having a foot ulcer when your blood sugar rises. What most people do nowadays is wear socks that are especially made for a person with diabetes. This socks control moisture in order to reduce the risk of infection. They are made of wrinkle-prone in order to reduce pressure and blistering. If you want to take a long walk but you are worried that your feet will get blisters, you can wear these special "diabetes socks" with comfort and assurance that you will feel as fresh and as light as a cotton candy.

Always remember to be cautious of the things that you wear. Diabetes socks are called such because they are made for those who are suffering from diabetes. Therefore, it is only logical to restrain from using regular ankle socks if you have diabetes. Unlike diabetes socks, regular ankle socks tend to be tighter and thicker which, if used for a very long time, will cause itchiness and sweating. If you wear a pair of regular socks for too long, it can give you blisters and sore patches. What you need are socks that do not have seams in order for your feet to breathe and cool throughout the day.

Once you are sorted out and you already know that diabetes socks are much preferred to regular ankle socks, it is still very important to ask your doctor before buying a pair of socks. Doctors can give you a description of the specifications of the diabetes socks that you should buy. They can also give you specific instruction on how, when and where to use them especially for how long. Sometimes, diabetes socks can be mistaken as regular ankle socks so if you are not careful, you may buy the wrong socks. Similar to regular ankle socks, diabetes socks come in different colors, styles and even lengths but ankle socks are still very much preferred because it does not cover the full length of your legs thus allowing air to sip through.

Even though you have diabetes that does not mean that you are not normal. A lot of people wear ankle socks and you can wear just the same without feeling conscious of your illness. Just always bear in mind that diabetes socks' main function is to protect you from having blisters and not to show off. Always be aware of yourself and of your surroundings. Make sure that you get plenty of attention and care to avoid any further damages to your health. Take not that a key to being beautiful is by being healthy and feeling good about oneself.

Custom Ankle Socks

You may have already seen ankle socks of different colors, designs, thickness and texture but one thing you are probably not aware of is that ankle socks can be customized too. There are certain brands that help you customize your own ankle socks. You can print some pictures, cartoon characters and even your favorite quotations and celebrities. Aside from students, ankle socks are also famously worn by athletes especially cyclists and basketball players. The type of ankle socks that they wear is called "nude" or "no show" because it almost transparent and it matches your skin color. It is designed in such way so that these athletes and the audience will not be distracted and will focus directly on your performance.