I live in a city and when the air quality is bad, especially the ozone quality, I get these huge dark circles under my eyes. My doctor told me that it is a result of an allergy to the particles in the ozone smog and that nothing can be done to stop it, other than moving to a place with cleaner air. Since I have no intention of moving for cleaner air, I decided that the next best thing for me was to look for beauty products designed to cover up black circles under the eyes. Since I am only 32, I do not have a big need for the anti-aging eye creams, so I just checked out some standard eye creams for black circles.

Best Cream for dark circles on the market

I went down to my local drug store and bought three different eye creams to try out. One by one I was able to eliminate each of those eye creams. I was beginning to think that the black circles women normally get under their eyes were not actually as dark as mine, otherwise how did these products work for them? I was beginning to be afraid that I would be destined to be the ‘girl with the black eyes’ for the rest of my life. After listening to me complain about the situation, one of my friends recommended the Anne Marie Borlind line of beauty products, so I gave that a try. Honestly, I had never even heard of this brand but I was at the point where I was willing to try anything that might work.

My Review

The price of the drugstore eye creams were all under $10 each, so I was a little shocked to see that the Anne Marie Borlind eye cream about about three times that price. Remembering what my friend said, I went ahead and ordered a package of it anyway. When it arrived, I waited until the next morning to try it out. It went on pretty easy and did not seem heavy, like one of the other eye creams that I tried. A little bit went a long way, which I learned by getting too much outthe first time. The eye cream left my face feeling very smooth, which is always a nice benefit of moisturizers and eye creams. After putting it on, I applied my makeup and went to work. While in the bathroom at work, I caught my reflection in the mirror and noticed that I did not look like a raccoon for the first time in forever! I have been using it regularly for a couple of months now and I think I am in love with it. The black circles are gone, at least until I wash my face and take off all my makeup. But still, it is quite a relief to be able to hide them with this eye cream.

The other option is that you can use the best undereye concealer for dark circles however I use them for instant effect. For long term you need to have a cream which will eliminate the circles.