Online stores like and QVC are websites you can frequent to find the best in women's jewelry. If you're helping to celebrate an anniversary, you'll want something nice and unique. While there are many types of jewelry items you can buy for that special woman in your life, there are three favorites which are listed below. Pick a style that you think will go well with your gift recipient's taste and you can't go wrong.

1. Bracelet

Bracelets are truly eye catching. They can really set off an outfit with glitter and glam. If the woman in your life loves a traditional style, you might want to opt for diamonds. Even if you have to buy a diamond substitute, you will still please the woman with a bracelet that features these traditional gems. If your woman is more into fashion forward looks, you might want to opt for an embellished bracelet with gems like rubies and sapphires. These too are attention getting and pop with color. If you have a woman who loves a classic style, a monochrome bracelet in silver or gold is always a good choice.

2. Necklace

Celebrating your anniversary by giving your wife a necklace will always be a good idea. Who hasn't seen a movie or read a love story where the romantic gesture of putting a necklace on a womans neck is highlighted? This gift of a necklace really does have a romantic connotation. Make sure your anniversary gift has one stone on the necklace that is the center of attention. She will treasure the moment of receiving the necklace and the gift for a very long time.

3. Ring

Many men don't know there is a such thing as an actual anniversary ring. These rings are especially made to celebrate the milestones in a relationship. That being said, you cannot go wrong purchasing an anniversary ring for your wife on your anniversary. Make sure you have sized her finger properly and that the band is what she would like. You can choose gold, platinum or sliver for this type of ring and the stones that will adorn the ring can represent the number of years your are celebrating. Again, this is the perfect no brainer gift.

All anniversaries are truly special; don't ruin the special day with a gift that won't be appreciated or liked by the woman in your life. While there are many different types of jewelry, a bracelet, necklace or ring are three sure fire ways to make sure the gift will be appreciated. Take a bit of time to see what your lady already has in her jewelry box so you don't duplicate anything, and you'll be all set for a wonderful anniversary celebration.